tag of HTML, however, instead of a dropdown, a list view type is displayed that allows users choosing multiple options.In this article, the bootstrap-multiselect plug-in which is based on jQuery is used for creating the dropdowns with multiple select featur… Otherwise, the element represents a control for selecting zero or more options from the list of options. */, Assessment: Structuring a page of content, From object to iframe — other embedding technologies. Click the ‘X’ button to remove the selected option. If used, HTML multiple attribute allows multiple selections (with a select element). If your list is long, it’s a good idea to set a larger size so that multiple options are visible at the same time. Below are some ways through which we can pass multiple values in a option tag . The select box is defined using the tag "select". To select multiple options in a drop-down list, use the multiple properties. the user that multiple selection is available, it is more user-friendly to use The rows().data() method can then be used to get the data for the selected rows. Now let us try one multiple selection dropdown list box. For example, on a Mac, they could hold the command key down, while clicking on their multiple selections. On a PC, they could hold the Ctrl key down while making their selection. Adding the multiple attribute to tag represents a control for selecting amongst a set of options.. The with any number of element can also be used for grouping those