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ling me jalan ki medicine

SINGLE HERBS ARE GOOD BUT THERE ARE SEVERAL PROPRIETARY FORMULAS THAT OFFER YU MUCH BETTER RESULTS IN A SAFER WAY. my wife clears after 8 – 9 days of menturation. Due to which I’m suffering from a disease called hemiplegia. With over thirteen years of professional experience, he has been treating some of the most complicated diseases with the help of pure herbal medicines. Ashwagandha 5 grams at bed time. I am getting merried after 7 month.I want to increase my sex power and penic size as well. Now I am 33 years old. Keep your office and home separate. (I am not suggesting you to take it daily because of your age factor, otherwise for young patients we suggest it daily for permanent cure). It enhances testosterone production, promotes healthy spermatogenesis and revives the body. Avoid work related stress as much as you can. Vaginal Dryness or Infec... Hello Dr's Xtra Power is a well-known sex tablet for man that helps in treating erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido. It is a wonderful herbal medicine for sexually long time. Hello Doctor-Good day, My sex power is so low i want to increase the time of my performance . XTL Plus | Penis Long and Strong Medicine, Contact Us: +91 6398786962 (10 AM – 5 PM), Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles – A Natural Alternative. I have severe pain in my lower abdomen. Dr. Saleem Zaidi is the Chief Medical Director at Rajshahi Healthcare and author of several blogs and articles in the digital and print media. I WOULD SUGGEST YOU TO TRY OUR XTRA POWER CAPSULES FOR ONE MONTH. In most cases of sexual weakness, Xtra Power capsules are more than sufficient to provide a lasting cure. You may have issues with your erection, sexual timing, desire, sperm count or seminal leakage. Ling ya yoni me bar bar jalan hona. * My semen is so thin like water. Exercise at least 40 minutes a day, 5 days a week. You can also send these details to my email through the contact us link. ... Sir apne kaha hai ki stress ke karan ling me tanav nhi ata hai sir agar maine eska elaj kiya to ye problem solve ho sakti hai ky or stress ka elaj karne ke liye kid doctor se mile mai Pune me job pe hu Yaha pe koi achaa dr hoga to batao sir mai phir unki … You need to take it seriously. If that helps, continue for 3-4 months. My health is normal only Uric Acid and Diabities with low profile. I am 33 now and govt teacher i am unmarried my parents wants my marriage.but i am totally weak Your email address will not be published. The beauty of ayurvedic medicine for sexually long time is that there are no side effects. I have a issue with holding my erection….I do get erection but not able to hold it more that 10 min.. specially while penetrating… I have started taking Shilajit and ashwaganda capsules… can you please guide me for the further or shall I continue the same. I have more sex desires. This ayurvedic medicine for sex is very effective for treating early discharge problem. There were frequent complaints of headache, nausea, palpitation, flushing of the face and arrhythmia. Now is the time to take good care of your system. Your email address will not be published. Some people believe that taking a peg or two before sex can improve your sexual performance but there is no concrete study that can back this notion. CAN IT HAVE AN EFFECT? Hello Sir DO YOU PRESCRIBE ME SOME MEDECINES? From past few years my immunity system has been very week and my sex drive has become low and I also do not like to masturbate much.my erectile strength has been also reduced.Please suggest me some general tonic which improves my overall health along with sexual strength, Dear Sir, I was masturbating from age 12 to over age 30, now I don’t enjoy sex with premature ejaculation,weak erection and no feelings during sex only when ejaculating with faint or diminished/ no orgasm and no appetite for it. Avoid alcohol, smoking, non-vegeterian food, and high carbs diet. Ling ke naso me blood circulation hone se hi ling sakht hota hai aur khada hota hai. This reduces stress and elevates mood. My erection bettered but was not perfect(My sex was simply harder than the the previous time).After much effort but not much as the previous time,I have finally penetrated her by the the intirety of my sex.I have felt nothing though she did. Since you are having heart problems I suggest you to use Salab Misri powder and Safed Musli powder. After a week of sexual rest I restarted masturbating. It is a unique formulation that comprises of some of the most potent herbs for treating sexual problems in men. Safed Musli is the most frequently used ayurvedic medicine to make sex capsule for men. I m 29 yrs old with a height of 5.7and weight of 90kgs. Respected sir, I am 35 years old. The problem you are facing is called erectile dysfunction. Take shilajeet capsules twice a day with milk. Reason is no temptation. L-arginine supplement tablet milti hai. Whenever erected, it been soft, not hard. old, i take blood pressure tablet in morning daily. kindly advice me some herbal cure. Sambhog ke time bahut painful hota hai; Kap kapi ya bhukhar hota hai. Be stress free and take time out for yourself. I am very happy that this medicine is realy working.I can see the results within 1month. Secondly , while masturbating I feel I hv not enough strong penis and I ejaculate within minutes. Thank you. I am so worried about it. .no stimulation. My age is 25.Smoker and occasional drinker. I’m 36. These all are symptoms of low libido. I feel nothing at all Ayurveda is not just a system of medicine, it is a way of life. I am so worried about it. Sir mera name jitendra kumar singh hai 6 year pahle mujhe toumer ka operation hua hai jo spine l3-l4-l5 par tha jiske wajah se kai problem tha jisame penis me pain aur week errection hota tha lekin operation ke bad bilkul thik ho gaya tha lekin 1 month ke bad dubara yehi problem start ho gaya abhi check karane se kuchh nahi hai doctor ke kahne ke anusar sab thik hai lekin mujhe abhi bhi problem hai please mera help kare sir thanks, I am 52 years old and when I do sex with my wife within 2 minutes my sperm come out and I unable to satisfy her for last 6 month . I am going to marry at December 2017.But i am very affraid about the sexual intercourse that will i satisfy my wife or not? Remember this is very important to keep your blood sugar in control if you done want to ruin your sex life. Hello doctor,my self Manish Kumar age 24 single sir my problem is I had a bad habit of masturbation at the age of 14 everyday I did masturbation due to this habit I am having precum leakage problem I don’t have control on my ejaculation it seems PE,ED small penis size and I also face night fall twice or thrice in a month my semen is very thin like water Having two kids from the time of marriage still now I am having early ejaculation not more than one minute. Plz help me now my power is zero when I saw a girl no feeling when i awake from sleep no power in pin. Diabetes is often associated with ED, PE, and sluggish sexual activity. Yes you can use All In One for sure. Now i can sex one time a day but my wife needs more. These herbs are processed with a proprietary technique to make natural sex pills that give the best results without any side effects. To one you suggested Ashwagandha, Shilajit along with xtra power capsule to get quick result. Now a days my organ became small and bind 60 degree and errection problem ecculation fast within 3 to 4second.I also used tabacco.please segesset me. We hardly have sex once in a week, but I wanted to have sex daily. Hi i am 37 years . Sir, all our products give you permanent results. Mai anxiety Ka medicine le rha hu. Its effect on the urinary tract and reproductive organs is very well known. पीपल के 2-4 कोमल पत्ते लेकर, पीस लें. waiting for your response. , 28 yr old male guy. I met with a horrible accident in December 2006. other wise I am enjoying a full health of 22 years old All comfortable No Bp Controlled sugar , but yet have not enjoyed sex the way I should have . So, you may have to use it for life, in order to get the results when required. Kaunch beej powder is commonly available at grocery shops selling ayurvedic herbs. Ling Lamba Karne Ki Dawa IH3&IH4 IH3 capsule aur IH4 massag oil hota hai. 4) How is your bonding with your wife? my age 30.all in one pack kaise use karna plz tell me. You could use Ashwagandha powder manufactured by us. do you have any solution for my problems? i have such a tough and stressed nature of job I don’t think that i m a patient of anxiety or depression but by nature i m very soft hearted person. Your mind can not think about two things at the same time. I want some medicine for her and she is having wheezing trouble since she gave birth in 1995. i m a Pakistani national and 30 years old. A slight deterioration in sexual performance is expected at your age. It is also known as Nutmeg in English and Myristica Fragrans in Latin. Even If I did masturbation, used to get firm erection again within 30 minutes, Now itself also having strong urge but not getting day time erection Pathri ki dawa patanjali me Divya Ashmarihar Ras ka sevan kare. I am having problem of premature ejection i.,e within 3-4 seconds of sex, it will leak out resulting in dissatisfaction of the sex. A slight reduction in sexual strength and size at your age is common. I need medicine to resale in Bangladesh. Ashwagandha has several health benefits. As a best practice, gale ki jalan se raahat paane ke liye aap choti meals frequently lein. Majun Salab, and Safoof Salab, both of which are classical sex power medicines, are used since centuries for the treatment of premature ejaculation. Earlier, I used to have rock hard erections and spontaneous erections life erection on demand Thanks, Pranam…. On March08,2008 I had my second trial.To prepare for it I had sexual repose for one week;I too k special foods(ORANGES,TAPIOCA(STARCH),Gboma-a sexually arousing soap,fresh water,roasted groundnuts) 3. I have been using steroids for some time and now i´m experiecing lack of sémen. At present I am taking David shilajeetand Dabur stimulex. Modern Medicine Vs Ayurvedic Medicine For Sex. Consequence:I started having internal trouble.I made analyses but we did not discover which organ was attacked.I can no longer do physically difficult exercises.So I stopped sports since 13. Even un married people like you can use them without any problem. will i face problems further or suggest me medicine because now i can do only one time sex per night not more than that. Is there any medicine for getting rock hard erections. Does he need to take any medicine, how Can I solve this problem. Results take time but there are almost no side effects. Sir,My self Manish Kumar I am 24 yrs old unmarried boy my penis bend towards the left side (this problem mostly show when my penis in erection state) I have become depressed because of this problem and also my size is very small and thin I had also bad habit of masturbation but now I have quite completely pls sir give me some good medicine of yours and advice how can I get my penis straight up to right? 5 my semen is like water and its quantity is very low Apart from this, there are many other causes like over indulgence in sexual activity, low dietary intake of nutrients, smoking, alcohol etc. 1. Long term therapies with these sex stamina capsules can be taken without any problem. I think partner is not satisfied. I am 40 yr old. Could you please guide me in this issue to get rid out the problem These are: Adequate sleep is the basic requirement for a healthy body and mind. Though spent lot of amount, I did not see good result, Could you please guide me whether ayurveda really have strong and potent medicines to regain spontaneous and rock hard erection Patni ko sex me santust karne ke liye jaroori hai ke aap ka sheegra patan yani jaldi virya mani bahar na aye is ke liye jaroori hai ke aap jab patni ki youni me ling dale to jaldi jaldi jhatka na den thodi der san rok kar ruke rahen. I need to know all these points to come to a conclusion and suggest you a treatment. .as it was a pleasurable activity. Peshab ki nali mein infection ka gharelu desi ilaj in Urdu and Hindi, peshab ki jalan ka totka, nuskha, peshab band hona. When to do? Your case seems quite severe. my penis does not erect fully from last 6-7 months. Phir bhi thik nhi ho rha hai .kya kiya jai. The results are almost instant. Further, my organ is now small and it will not erect full. Dear Dr, In fact it is one grade higher in potency. Yes you can use it for more pleasure and to increase power and satisfaction. Yes, BP patients can use it without any problem. ..over the years I kept on doing this nasty thing. Sultan’s night ling bada karne ka capsule की पूरी जानकारी. I m 21 years old due to my childhood bad habits …..I m feeling weak …..that my organ is weaker and don’t done sex well ….please suggest some medicine to improve my sex power …… Sir I’m , unmarried, 49 Kgs. Diabetes can be very harmful for your sexual life if not kept under control. these hakims were taking lots of money for the sake of good medicine but all is failed. Maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, yoga, lifestyle changes, quitting smoking and alcohol are all important factors that contribute towards a healthy sex life. Xtra Power is a herbal product for low strength, reduced stamina, and lack of desire. Which is good for your sex life. Helo Sir, I have more sex desires. Please tell the better solution or tell the proper quantity for taking this mentioned medicine so all the problem will rid off soon. Despite being a hypertension patient for some years since 2011, my sexual performance was satisfactory. It improves reproductive health of both men and women, increases semen production, and reduces stress. As per my experience I can tell you that doing excessive masturbation over a long period of time will certainly have its toll on your sexual health. looks forward to hear from you soon. According to a study it is observed that people who like hot, chilly and spicy food items are more active sexually compared to those who like simple bland food. The Potential Problems of an Uncircumcised Penis. Hello sir ….. 4. Ayurvedic medicines for sex, on the other hand, provide lasting relief. I am not having sufficient semen. धात मेरा पतला हो गया है और और मेरा लिंग काफी छोटा है , लिंग 8 9 इंच लम्बा मोटा ताकत वर करना है , और जब मै सेक्स करता हूं तो वीर्य तुरन्त बाहर निकाल जाता है , कृपया दवा बताए, I am 55 years old man I want extra power at the time of sex and strong penis PL suggest me above which medicine is applicable for me. Teji se lambai badhane me ye patanjali ki dawa bahut kargar hai. What can i do? * My penis take a long time to get the erection. My erction was so weak that I could not penentrate.When I endeavoured exceedingly,I could only do it by half of my sex though she made all her best to arouse me .I FELT NOTHING AT all though she did.Her sex was so narrow.The girl was 27. I am facing these below problems, every night after dinner i walk 2 or 3km daily to digest my food. Good luck. i m trying my best to be healthy i was a chain smoker but in one year from 60 cigarettes per day now i m on 20 per day and still keep trying to leave this habit. I am 26 year old.I am taking extra enlargement capsules.now I have ordered extra power capsul.I am not married. Kache dudh ki lassi piye: Kachha dudh urine ke infection ke liye … A 3 months course should be sufficient to give you a lifelong cure. hi sir .maine 2mnths ka xtralarge capsule use karliya. Hi Dr. Zaidi. It enhances your hunger to have more sex. Sir, Hi Dr. Saab, Sexual problems in men can be of various types. Manik. my penis size is decrease and become weak, pre ejaculation, erection dysfunction and too short time to discharge. can you suggest me a good medicine for long lasting intercourse with no side effects so that i can satisfy my partner enough. Gingko biloba ka sevan se bhi ling bada hone ki shakyata hai. Agar apko vakiye mein apne ling ko bada or mota krna hai toh aap koi dusri dawa chorr k ayurvedic dawa ka sewan krna shuru kr dijiye ayurvedic dawa se apka ling bina kisi side effects k apka lund… Shilajit is a highly trusted sex power food. But doing regular masturbation frequently over a long period of time can have a negative effect on your sexual power. I feel that I am suffering from premature ejaculation and penis size. Mai anxiety Ka medicine le rha hu. The problem arises when you have a combination of two or more sexual problems. So if you want to add spice to your sex life, add some spice to your food first. Sir, 3. The formulation of Xtra power capsules is designed in such a way that it covers almost all male sexual problems. Sir, Suggestions offered by doctors on Lybrate are of advisory nature i.e., for educational and informational purposes only. Not only this the sexual health of the person is also affected badly. My rt. CHIEF COMPLAINT I can use this medicine. Therefore, ayurvedic medicines are less effective as compared to allopathic medicines. I am 45. Regards Its quite uncommon to have such serious weakness at this young age. Salman. I can perform long time but my sextual tendency is decrasing day by day. ..penis size has reduced too much. At your age it is unlikely to have all these problems. the food which is provided by company is not healthy and i can’t afford to prepare by my self what extra i m doing to be healthy 1 glass of milk with 1 tea spoon or honey and 7 pieces of olive on daily basis in my breakfast so that i can cover little bit of my weakness caused by low quality food. I don’t know about my sperm count i m sure its good cause i m expecting my 3rd baby now. Specific treatment in the form of PDE5 Inhibitors is available in modern medicine. Shatavari is also very effective herb to treat male and female fertility. Raat ke samay koi ek time chun le us tym roz massage kare. 5. Hello sir, I got recently married and healthy enough. i will be thankful 4 u sir plz suggest some soltion to me, I am D. Shayan 60 years old, suffering from diabetic and my recent blood test result is 257 after food and fasting is normal 140. If you have any of these issues the first thing you need to do is to get rid of this. Its good that you have stopped taking steroids. You can have a pill one hour before sexual intercourse with a glass of milk. Dear Dr I am 34 yrs old and i am facing issue with erection and sometimes premature ejaculation. .no charm in life. Eat right, sleep right, exercise (light aerobic / cardio/walk) daily or at least 5 days a week. I want to increase my frequency so that i give happinessfor my wife. Thanks for the detailed report Cheri. Looking towards your reply. I have many problems in sexual life, like We have seen several cases where a person has lost his libido, developed erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and all sorts of sexual dysfunctions due to the habit of masturbation. These are the safest options for you. Most of the times these medicines provide only symptomatic relief. AT 51 IT IS VERY UNLIKELY AFFAIR. It increases vigor, vitality and sexual potency. How can I get Xtra Power Male Enhancement Pills. You can use Xtra Power capsules to get strong erections and cure this problem permanently. While Ayurvedic medicines for sex have almost negligible side effects. Working out makes you physically as well as mentally fit. These sex power capsules are enriched with the highest quality ayurvedic herbs. Please provide your guidance in this regards. The ayurvedic ingredients used in this sex power medicine are carefully chosen to cover all types of male sex problems. Though the results are instant, they fade away as soon as the medicine is excreted out by the kidneys. You seem to be struggling with erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation and looking for herbal medicine for sexually long time, then Xtra power can be the best option. We don't support your browser. Hello sir, Sir, Ayurvedic medicines work on the root cause. It gives you fuller, harder and stronger erections that last longer in bed. 4. You are just 29-30 years of age. Modern medicines for sex do not provide lasting relief. I would suggest you go for a specialized treatment rather than trying different low-quality herbs and medicines. You can take just one sex medicine tablet daily at bed time after about one hour of dinner. Some say aswagandha, few say tribulus, few say kapikacchu, damiana, horny goat weed, maca, gingko biloba, yohimbine, which I already used but did not see any positive result If you have low libido, ED or PE, doing regular exercise can be of great help. It will take care of your erection, power, time and size as well. Use Xtra Power Capsules. I’m planning getting married soon pls safe me from these embarrassment. Shatavari is also known as Asparagus racemosus. Pani bhi bahot pee rha hu. My age is 34 years. Xtra Power is an amazing remedy for giving you instant results. 3rd year completed of our marriage . Hi, I am married 3 year my husband is not interested in sex. My partner is of about 50, but she is quite dissatisfied by my performance. YOURS SINCERELY. ..blur vision. Stress is one of the commonest cause of impotence and low libido in men. Xtra Power helps in PE and ED both. Masturbation is a process of achieving orgasm by self stimulation. I am 46 years old and my problem is ED & PE for last 5 years and I consume whisky daily (average). Sushant Naik. Pani bhi bahot pee rha hu. Before 6-7 month I have take some medicine for sugar and after then my sex power is reduce consistently. You can use our Low Sperm count treatment package to increase the amount of semen during ejaculation. You can keep using shilajeet and ashwagandha capsules and along with this if you want to regain your lost power really fast I would suggest you to use our xtra power capsules. Ling Ke Size Badane Ki Medicine ling ki size badane ke ab sab se aasan tarika hai IH4 teel ye aap ke ling ko long karega IH4 ek ayurvedic teel hai aur is me koi milawat nahi hai ye ek saaf teel hota hai is ke istemal se aap ko koi nokshan nahi ho ga aur ye 100% qudrati hai ye aap ke ling me azafa aur aap ke ling me khon ko … Provillus hair loss treatment contains the only ingredient approved by the FDA to re-grow your hair for Men and Women. Every day i have to journey 100 km for my job perpouse. There are many brands of shilajit & Ashwagandha. The powders you are taking will do no good for your problem of PE and precum. Though it takes its own time to cure the illness, the safety, efficacy, ease of use and absence of side effects makes ayurvedic medicine a perfect alternative to conventional sex medicine. Should I go for Xtra power male enhancement capsule or what do you suggest Sir? then I must get a senior citizens discount. pani jyada pinese jalan aur badhegi aavashakata anusar jal sevan kare thoda thoda pyas lagne par... I will not be having desire of sex for the second time. This happened as follows: Therefore I request you to advise me the medicine for the above treatment and for how long I have to use the medicine.I wants to increase the size of male organ with strong erection. Similarly, in case of premature ejaculation, your treatment should include long time sex tablets. My problems are so Peshab ki jalan ka ilaj in Urdu. Xtra power capsule dosage is very simple. Sabse acha oil hai zaitun ka tel (olive oil). My marrige life is 12 years ans i have also diabetics sice 3 years . ..crying. लिंग लम्बा मोटा करने की दवा - Lund Bada Karne ki Medicine. Before 6-7 month I have take some medicine for sugar and after then my sex power is reduce consistently. The rigidity is around 60.00%, I don’t have any sugar issues, BP issues or alcohol issues and even cannot smoke and purely vegetarian you will rock with it. This article will tell you all that is required to enjoy better sex for the rest of your life. i performed 3 herb courses previously in 3 years and i was strictly following the instructions of Hakims through a proper chart but every course make me feel more unhealthy and sexually weak. Since 2007 only I feel some sexual weakness. High blood pressure ko kam karne aur control me rakhne ki ayurvedic dawa ka name hai Divya Mukta Vati. Is there a PERMANENT solution to this problem? Will I be cured completely by 100 % or not? ..very recently I realized that I have done a very gigantic lose to my health. Recently a girl has rejected me. I use to smoke I am having problem of premature ejection i.,e within 3-4 seconds of sex, it will leak out resulting in dissatisfaction of the sex. Hy dr zaidi my age 65 for last six month icant perfoms. I am able to do sex well but not able to do it not more than 7 to 10 min and getting ejaculation. at the moment, per night i can just do sex one time. Please tell me what should I do. So first and foremost you should keep your blood sugar in control. Do not take your workplace tensions to your home and vise versa. When I was 11I had an accident and was prescribed some me dicine which bore the inscription:`in case of intoxication see your physician`(I no longer remember its name).I had intoxication but i did not see my physician. 5 My penis is not straight, FURTHER INFORMATION PERSONAL HISTORY Sir I have requested to u pls give me some advice If you still cant perform you can use a safe male enhancement pill like our Xtra Power capsules. Hi Doctor पैरों के तलवे में जलन को दूर करने के उपाय Pairo ke taluo ki jalan dur karane ke upay in hindi पैरों की जलन से कई बार हम परेशान होते है, यह समस्या गर्मी के दिनों में ज्यादा परेशान करती है. I would like to say that now we have planned for our family and we moved accordingly. i wasn’t performed any test previously. It will help you increase size and power. I got recently married and healthy enough. I have been masturbating since the age of 12 now I am 28. 2 i have stress and anixty My problem is I am getting married soon and I feel sexually I m not ready for that. Safed musli is referred to as a divya aushadhi in Ayurveda. All Gharelu Nuskhe Gupt Rog Herbal Medicine Herbs and Spices Oils Yoga. Xtra Power will certainly help you. Modern medicines like viagra, cialis etc are comparatively much cheaper as compared to authentic ayurvedic medicines and treatments. A person with ED or PE may lose interest in sex as well. In this circumstance how can I improve me sexual problem as I mentioned above. I was make the powder of 100g each Ashwanda, shtavar, swet musli & kaunch beej and taking daily in the morning but still the issue remains same. So if you want to stay fit in every aspect of life, be it your office, home or sex, you should give utmost importance to sleep. I m samir from Ahmedabad, 42yrs. But my penis is not erecting to perform sex. Xtra Power is a trusted sex capsule for long time. Please Help me. Earlier everything was o. K. But now last 6 months I have all the problems relating to sex, within seconds I discharge, lack of sex, erctile problems, it is requested to your good self kindly suggest me what to do ,. My helth is very good no any problem with my helth cen u suggest any medicine without side effect. Whenever erected, it been soft, not hard. I am able to do sex well but not able to do it not more than 2 to 3 min and getting ejaculation. Once it is under check you can start using our All-In-One package. 3) Is there any symptom of anxiety, depression? please help me out to enjoy the pleasure of life with full strength and power. My regular sexual performance is just for 5-10 minutes maximum. Plz I need ur help sir. Just one product for you – Xtra Power Capsules! it’s my humble request to u to please suggest me some good treatment to be strong and powerful.

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