Review: Best Page Forward Book Blurb Service

Best Page Forward Review: Introduction

If you’re an author reading this, which you probably are, I know you have 13 dozen things going on simultaneously to get that book written, edited, published, and marketed, so let me be brief for you: I do not recommend Best Page Forward book description service.

But if that doesn’t satisfy you, let’s continue.

Firstly, I’m Danny Rusteen, a 4x author – Audible, Kindle, paperback, and hardcover – having sold more than 50,000 books with an average rating of 4.8 on Amazon.

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By the end of this blog, I hope to transfer some book description writing tips, general authoring tips, and I’ll share both my description (pre-Best Page Forward) and their delivery to me. I’ll also be examining Bryan Cohen’s Amazon author page.

While preparing to write this Best Page Forward review, I realized I didn’t even bother downloading their delivery: a 3-page, 903-word Word document.

You see, I knew I wouldn’t like their delivery from the first 12 words.

Selling a book is not like selling a diet product.

Have you tried everything to lose weight, but nothing works? You may have even been duped into buying a supplement that doesn’t work. I know because I was there, too, trying everything under the sun to lose belly fat. That is until I developed my Fit Max XTREME-LY Simple 3-Minute Twice Monthly Patented Workout Formula, guaranteed to help you achieve the body you deserve finally!

I want you to take a look at all the best-selling books. Do ANY of them start off with a question? No. This is a sales tactic not used by authors to sell books. But, that’s exactly what I received.

Below, you’ll find the entire, unedited book description, but here are the first 12 words: Are you eager to capitalize on the booming short-term rental market?

‘Fucking goddammit’ I thought. I wasted $396.

I’ll save you the trouble. The rest was no better. I’m not bitter, although it might sound this way.

I’m pissed, as a reader.

I’ve purchased a few really shitty books off Amazon in my time on this planet (see my Digital Bookshelf ‘Not Recommended’ section). And I’ve purchased them based, in part, on their book blurb. After doing this a few times, I decided to figure out how I could know, pre-purchase, the quality of a book.

Some of them have great book blurbs (or so I thought). Some have great reviews, even a lot of reviews. Some have good book covers, etc. You can see how difficult it is to choose the right book.

I recorded a video on how you can identify a quality book based on public information right there on Amazon and Good Reads.

The third tip is to avoid sales copy in the book blurb. No sales copy. We’re selling a book, not a diet product. Every book I’ve ever purchased with sales copy was a shit book.

Pause. Restart.

I feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed with that intro. I just took a break. Now I’m back.

Look. This is going to be brutally honest but brutally truthful and as unbiased as possible. This is how I do things. But let me explain to you how things are typically done online.

Most reviews you see online are due to affiliate kickbacks. Here’s how that works:

I will write company X a positive review in exchange for affiliate payments if one of the readers from that blog go on to purchase from X company. I might bet something small, or larger like a few hundred bucks. It depends on the product or service.

And, I do that, too, see:

My review of Social Sensei (a little bit outdated, but still the rawest and realest review online and ranking #1 for that search term) has earned me maybe a thousand dollars.

But I also write reviews to share my honest experience with no affiliate links. See:

My review of Menno Henselmen’s online coaching, which cost me $7,000 and 10 months. (He has asked if I will edit it or take it down. It’s not negative. It’s brutally honest.)

This is my review of Mark Manson whom I’m truly disgusted with in nearly all of his content. I paid with my time and money to take his products and read his books. At least I’m getting good traffic from that blog post.

And, if you were curious, that is one of two reasons why I’m writing this blog post. To share my unedited experience with the company so that you can decide whether or not you want to use them. And, to generate more traffic to my website.

Regarding Best Page Forward, I was hoping for more. I published Profitable Properties on April 19, 2023.

Here are the book statistics:

Reviews: 182

Rating: 4.9

Average Best Sellers Rank (paperback): 60,000 (Selling anywhere from 5-10 book daily)

Honestly, I was hoping for more from myself, too. This book is 378 pages and covers everything…well, you probably don’t care. It’s selling ok, but not great. And that’s why I hired Bryan Cohen’s company Best Page Forward to rewrite my book blurb. Here’s my payment on August 15, 2023. It’s in Spanish because that’s how to learn a second language.

best page forward review

Let’s chat about my experience finding this service though the final delivery on August 28th.

Are you enjoying my Best Page Forward review? I sure hope so!

My Experience with Best Page Forward

I believe I was targeted on YouTube, maybe based on searches that I’d done there on how to write an Amazon book blurb.

It took me about a month to finally pull the trigger on the purchase.

I decided to buy because:

  1. It wasn’t expensive, given how much I had already spent on the book ($4,770)
  2. Bryan Cohen seemed like just the guy – a nerdy, friendly author
  3. His website is well set up to convert customers (they know their audience and how to sell them)
bryan cohen best page forward review

This is what you see on one of his landing pages, and it’s pretty good! I gotta give it to you, Bryan; well done!

It’s true. Any author knows how much time it takes to write a book and how agonizing choosing a title and cover photo is. We don’t really give much thought to the book description because it’s not needed to publish the book. It’s an afterthought. Bryan says the book description is important, and any reasonable author understands this.

The book’s description is important. And Bryan, who does this professionally, must have some tech to get me more sales. This is an investment, after all. I’ll make my money back in time via more sales.

These were all the things going through my head. I pulled the trigger on one book description.

best page forward review

The one-month turnaround time is preposterous. Authors who buy this service usually do it last minute or when their book is already published. Bryan knows this:

I opted for the two-week turnaround, which I think is still excessive. This can be done in a few days.

Upon purchase, you receive a confirmation email with a link to fill out information about your book, and this is where I kind of knew this was not going to be anything special.

Why nothing special?

After I clicked on that button to fill in the form, I was asked for things that I felt I should not be asked for. My book was already published, so why are you asking me for the book title and subtitle, then a link to the book URL?

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is. It means the details are not being paid attention to and this, I felt, will likely affect the end product.

Why are you asking for my book’s current description? It’s on Amazon; get yo’ ass over there and read it yourself! Read it twice, in fact. Read my competitor’s book descriptions, too. They did not ask for my competitor’s book.

When I wrote my book description, one of the things I did was read as many of my competitors’ book blurbs as possible, taking what I felt was good from them and modifying it to my style.

Through the rest of the form, I felt like I was doing their job for them:

What are 3-5 phrases your ideal reader would use to describe your book in a Customer Review?

What is the #1 takeaway you want readers to get from reading your book?

What makes you (or the author you’re representing) an expert on this subject?

I filled it out, though, to the absolute very best of my abilities.

I then started receiving numerous emails from their company. I don’t recall subscribing..

One of the more strange interactions with Best Page Forward is their emails.

I made my purchase from: bestpageforward.com

The order confirmation (and generic marketing emails) came from [email protected]

The communication and delivery came from [email protected]

That’s a generic @gmail.com email. Did Bryan Cohen contract this service to random people and not even look at my book description?

Let’s analyze the communication with whoever is behind that email. The day after I submitted my Google form answers, I got this:

FIVE experienced copywriters. Great! I’m excited.

At that time, I had been running limited paid ads without much success, so I inquired for some help on that front, especially since they would give me some paid ad copy examples with my purchase. This was the response I got.

best page forward review

Who the hell is TNae!?!

There’s no TNae in Bryan’s signature within his email confirmation, but there are seven other team members. How big is this company? I have a friend with an online business and nine employees who makes $100,000 monthly—that would be 300 book blurbs every month.

Anyway, I am still giving it my all. After all, I made the purchase. I provided some additional context I felt would improve their knowledge and, thus, the final delivery. I wrote out various bullet points and got the following email that seemed dry and uninterested. The communication seemed one-way. There was no collaboration.

I received my new book blurb on August 28, 2023 and you might be able to understand how my enthusiasm changed with my final email to them.

I want to present you with the final delivery of Bryan Cohen’s Best Page Forward Book Blurb service just after I analyze the company founder’s own Amazon author page.

Bryan Cohen’s Amazon Author Page

“Hi, I’m Bryan Cohen—a best-selling author and podcaster, but more importantly, I’m a copywriter. I’ve written over 100 book descriptions for authors at all levels, from million-copy best-sellers to authors putting out their first books.”

This is sales copy to sell a service, which he uses to write book descriptions. Byran Cohen is a marketer. But he has written books; at least, there are books attributed to him. Let’s analyze them.

Book Authored: 20

Total Reviews: 6,785 (this is a lot, even for 20 books!)

Reviews per book: 339 (a lot, probably more than 95% of authors!)

Highest Rated Book: 4.8 (this is very good, a 5 rating is impossible with more than 100 reviews)

Lowest Rated Book: 3.6

Average Rating Across All Books: 4.0

Average Amazon Best Sellers Rank (paperback): 650,000 (this is nothing special; with 20 books he’s probably selling only about 100 monthly)

bryan cohen best page forward review

Interestingly, the book with the most reviews (3,071) is only available on Amazon Kindle, priced at $0.99, and it has the second-to-lowest rating (3.8). A 3.8 is very poorly rated. Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything below the low 4’s.

It does have an Amazon Best Seller Rank of 9-15k, which is absolutely awesome. At 10,000, you are selling about 15 books daily or 450 books monthly, and at $0.99, you are making about $0.65 per book or $292.50 per month.

You are reading my Best Page Forward review blog post. Thank you.

Best Page Forward Book Blurb for Profitable Properties

Words: 375

Are you eager to capitalize on the booming short-term rental market? Learn how to earn a 5-star income with this expert’s behind-the-scenes data.

Ready to go beyond the basics and delve into nitty-gritty STR strategies? Struggling to keep that investment home booked year-round? Looking for ways to be more hands-off without sacrificing revenue? Former Airbnb employee and current Superhost Daniel V. Rusteen got into the industry on the ground floor and used his insider knowledge to found his own property management company. And now he’s offering to tip the scales in your favor by explaining what works and what doesn’t, so you can start out-earning your competition.

Profitable Properties is a detailed look at everything that goes into owning, operating, and making a killing on short-term rentals. Using his personal operations as a testing field, Rusteen delves into every detail of the business from identifying micro-markets to snapping eye-catching photos. And after putting his meticulous plans into action, you’ll soon be able to lean back and watch your returns soar.

In Profitable Properties, you’ll discover:

– Answers to specific operational questions that make the day-to-day process a breeze

– Which amenities and interior design details offer the highest ROI so you can get the biggest bang for your buck

– Strategies for getting any negative reviews pulled down and letting your property shine

– Unavailable-to-the-public discounts on tools and software that will make complex operations simple

– Invaluable tips on how to identify good managers, what guests are actually searching for, and much, much more!

Profitable Properties is a comprehensive primer for breaking into the short-term rental market. If you like no-nonsense clarity, actionable advice, and techniques that stand the test of time, then you’ll love Daniel V. Rusteen’s expert insights.

Buy Profitable Properties to turn the key on success today!

FB Ad Primary text:

Are you eager to capitalize on the booming short-term rental market? Learn how to earn a 5-star income with this expert’s behind-the-scenes data. If you like no-nonsense clarity, actionable advice, and techniques that stand the test of time, then you’ll love Daniel V. Rusteen’s expert insights. Tap the link to buy the book today!

Headline: Tap the Link to Buy the Book

Alternative Headline: Start reading this guide right away!

Amazon Ad Headlines Options: 

1. Eager to capitalize on the booming short-term rental market? Learn ways to earn a 5-star income with this behind-the-scenes data.

2. Ready to go beyond the basics of short-term rentals? This industry insider is sharing the strategies that earn him big returns.

3. Struggling to keep that investment home booked year-round? Discover how guests actually search and learn ways to rake in those reservations.

4. Looking for ways to be more hands-off about property management without sacrificing revenue? These insider tips and tricks could make it a breeze.

5. Wondering what it takes to successfully own and operate a short-term rental? This comprehensive primer goes into every nitty-gritty detail.

6. Searching for ways to recover from unfair negative reviews on your rental? Learn strategies for getting that average back up to 5 stars.

7. Confused about what short-term renters actually want? Take a deep dive into the industry with this expert’s data on what drives the biggest ROI.

8. Want to beat out the competition in a crowded field? Widen the gap with these actionable insights from a skilled property manager.

9. Eager to optimize your online listings and offline hospitality? This experienced guest and Superhost explains what makes short-term rentals thrive.

10. Want to earn more with fewer rental properties? Discover tips for maximizing ROI from every real estate investment.

What do you think? Really, I want your opinion in the comments because I never used this. Not even for a day. Should I? I think it’s obviously sub-standard and not exciting. Totally, normal.

Final Amazon Book Description for Profitable Properties

Words: 461

For a short video description of the book, search “ProPro STR Book” on YouTube.

You don’t need 100 rental properties for short-term rental success. Profitable Properties (ProPro) is about doing more with less. It’s about maximizing the ROI from each real estate investment.

Written by a former Airbnb employee, Superhost, guest of 2k+ nights on Airbnb, and author of best-seller “Optimize YOUR Bnb”, ProPro is an all-in-one guide for new and existing STR owners and real estate investors.

Other books talk basics, but not ProPro. Rusteen is intimately familiar with Airbnb and teaches you the details you need to optimize every aspect of your rental business to win in your market, year after year.

ProPro was written to be read by section:

  • Part 1: Introduction (new hosts start here)
  • Part 2: Vacation Rental Market Analysis
  • Part 3: Build and Optimize Your Online Listing
  • Part 4: Elevate Your Hospitality (automation)
  • Part 5: Pricing
  • Part 6: Direct Bookings (the easy way)
  • Part 7: Questions and Answers
  • Part 8: How To Rank #1 On Airbnb (top 13 factors)

Short-term rentals are here to stay. There’s just one problem. INFORMATION OVERLOAD! Real estate investors, influencers, hospitality professionals are all branding themselves as STR experts. Who to trust?

The author’s prior book sold over 50,000 copies by word of mouth.

ProPro gives you an edge to outearn your competition for year-round occupancy:

  • Master pricing with the author’s 2-step strategy
  • Remotely manage your rentals with only 1hr per week
  • Take better photos than professionals with your smartphone
  • Identify profitable markets, micro-markets, and properties to get a 90% ROI like the author
  • Easy-to-implement interior design techniques and amenities with the biggest ROI
  • Increase demand with a direct booking website

This book is a comprehensive guide to the same strategies the author sells for $$ on his website. They have been proven and tested by 1000’s of hosts in 87+ countries from basic rentals in third-world markets to 16-bedroom mansions.

More from Profitable Properties:

In Section 3.10 “How To Remove a Negative Review”, you’ll learn my secrets and hacks for getting 12+ negative reviews removed for myself and my property management hosts.

Be a guest from your living room. Section 3.4 “How Does The Guest Actually Search?” takes you on their journey, what they are looking for and when, and how to optimize each step of the reservation flow.

Wondering about the difference between Rusteen’s two books? “Optimize YOUR Bnb” is for intermediate/advanced Airbnb hosts and only discussed strategies/tools available on that platform. If Airbnb is a main focus of your rental, you want to read the first book. ProPro is an entirely new book written for the short-term rental industry.

Allow the author to tip the scale in your favor with his insider knowledge and experience. Buy now!

Concluding Thoughts on Bryan Cohen’s Best Page Forward Book Blurb Service

Obviously, I really take issue with using scammy sales copy to sell a book. There are four cheesy questions in the first two paragraphs. Next time you’re going to buy a book, comment below if you see even a single one with a bunch of questions like that. I’m guessing I’ll find zero comments below about this..

It’s tricky because he’s selling to authors. People who can write. Sure, an author may not know how to sell, thus making this service really valuable, but then again…the book blurb is really to show the reader what’s inside your book, why they need it, and why it’s different from the rest.

“Struggling to keep that investment home book” is not helping the reader know that my book is their best option. Besides, they’re probably looking for books because, yes, they need help keeping their investment booked. Let’s skip that part.

I know how to write sales copy. Or, at least, I think I do because I run online businesses where complete strangers send me money, sometimes $2,000+, without me spending a penny on paid advertising or SEO services (do NOT pay for SEO services if you’re a small business before reading this).

Granted, I do it in a somewhat unconventional style, from the actual sales copy to the prices (For example, I price things with zeros – $100 instead of $99).

What did you think of my Best Page Forward review? Is Bryan Cohen’s book blurb service worth it, do you think? And, especially, if you’ve had experience, either positive or negative, please share it below. I’m not here to make his business go out of business. I’m here to share my expcinere so you know if you want to buy, and maybe even it results in a better book blurb.

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