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Online Investing – Author Introduction

I’m a successful real estate investor. My ROI (33%) puts me at the top of the top of professional real-estate investors on Earth. Admittedly, I’ve only made one real estate investment in my life. But that’s beside the point because I already know that real estate sucks ass. Big time.

Extra taxes. Extra liability. Extra demands on your time. Repairs and maintenance. Labor law. Politics and having to deal with humans (neighbors and/or HOA) which I find particularly unappetizing.

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I get it… “90% of the world’s millionaires invest in real estate” blah blah fucking blah. I call bullshit. I’m not sure why, but I call bull shit on that stat. Maybe they get rich and then buy real estate. Everyone owns a home. Does owning one home, or a dozen if you’re a billionaire, make you a real estate investor?

I think millionaires are more likely to enter the real estate investing world because it’s a large, safe asset to park their money in. I want to know who got rich from real estate as a career choice when they were not millionaires. It’s possible. Very, very possible. It’s just a fucking nightmare and not my preferred way to live a peaceful life and make tons of money.

So, if the very active form of real estate investing is not for me, what do I prefer to invest in?

Passive investing with minimal human contact.

I love online stock investing sites. I’m also very good at it. My recent investments:

In 2021, when I had more money to invest, I researched where I could safely invest my extra dough. I found the wonderful world of totally passive alternative investment sites online.

These include sustainable farming, consumer debt, commercial real estate, fine art, and even short-term rentals.

Below are some of the platforms that I have used to turn my dough into more dough without having to deal with any annoying ass human beings. Sorry, humans.

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GoSteward – Regenerative Farming

Founded: 2017

Minimum Investment: $100

Affiliate Program: None

gosteward agricultural investing sustanable online passive safe
This is my Steward dashboard. I’m expecting a total return of 11.4% over the next few years.

Our food is fucked. That’s true. But there’s a bigger problem: people don’t know, don’t understand, and/or don’t care.

Do you know how to read a nutritional label? If not, you are killing yourself.

This is my personal favorite because GoSteward helps independent farmers. I want to support independent farmers who provide more nutritional and sustainable products.

How it works? The company posts a funding campaign to its online investing platform. Each campaign is related to one agricultural project (all are in the USA). Each project has different returns, typically 6-10%, and different time ranges, typically one to six years.

If you want to invest in this platform, I suggest you follow their X account because their offerings can be fully funded in hours.

go steward top investing platforms regenerative capital

MasterWorks – Fine Art Investing

Founded – 2017

Minimum Investment – $25,000

Affiliate Discount: Get $200 and give me $200.

masterworks fine art fractional investing platorm affiliate discount code

You may have heard of MasterWorks as they do the most paid promotion. Their investing site is straightforward. You can buy shares of multi-million-dollar fine art pieces and realize the gain upon the sale. The future sale date is unknown, but typically a few years.

The only downside is that the minimum investment is $25,000, however, you do not need to be an accredited investor.

KickFurther – Business Inventory Financing

Founded: 2014

Minimum Investment: $20

Affiliate Discount: You get $10 and you give me $50 (thank you!).

Let’s say you are an entrepreneur creating a physical product. You know it will sell; you just need a loan to make it a reality. That’s where KickFurther comes in. They source, vet, and add these deals to their marketplace.

KickFurther offers more options than other platforms, the rate of return is generally higher (10%+), and the loans are generally in months rather than years.

As an investor, you have the option of which deal you want to invest in. You will then purchase a certain quantity of the product. The products change all the time. They could be footwear, a travel product, gym equipment, children’s toys, a mobile phone accessory, etc. Details are given for each offer, like whether this is their first co-op, as KickFurther calls the deals. There is a minimum you must purchase. KickFurther will estimate your return in dollars.

kickfurther business financing loan live co-op dashboard

KickFurther is probably the most interesting online investing platform of the bunch. It is not uncommon for the business to not make the product or for the product to not sell, at which point the investors vote on whether to enter into legal action with the company. It seems that KickFurther would rather have more deals for you to choose from and give you more information about each deal rather than do some heavy vetting upfront like GoStewad and MasterWorks do.

KickFurther’s investor dashboard is the least clear. For that reason, I have only made one deposit of $20,000.

kickfurther business investing inventory dashboard promo discount code bonus passive

I made my first investment in May 2021, almost exactly three years ago. If we add both numbers up, we get $25,707. However, it’s unclear if that is my total balance or $21,542 is my balance. It says ‘active inventory’. Assuming the higher number is my total balance, this would equal an annual return of 9.3% (28% all-time return/3 years). Still, Kickfurther is my best-performing platform to date, if I’ve got the number right but the unclear dashboard gives me pause.

Prosper – Peer-to-peer Lending

Founded: 2005

Minimum Investment: $25

Prosper allows you to offer your money as a loan to a consumer in return for interest on that loan (ie you become the bank). You will invest a small amount, typically $25 to $100, into a bunch of different loans. You can choose safer (A-rated) or riskier (E-rated) loans.

I always choose the riskiest of loans. This strategy worked for me for years, but in bad times, it’s not the best strategy. As you can see in my dashboard above, after I signed up in May 2021, I was reaching up to 12%+ returns, but that dropped precipitously, and only now is looking like it’s recovering.

I found Prosper after LendingClub, my all-time favorite online lending platform. On it, I invested in high-risk loans, which netted me returns of 18%+ from 2010 to 2021.

Arrived Homes – Airbnb Investing

Found: 2019

Minimum Investment: $100

Affiliate Discount: These cheap bastards don’t give you any bonus, but you’ll give me $50 by signing up with this link.

I’m the world’s best at Airbnb. Let’s get one thing clear: short-term rentals, or Airbnbs, are NOT passive investing.

If you’re really fortunate, you make an Airbnb investment and get 33% ROI. But, it is still not passive.

I say that, to say this: don’t expect returns greater than the minimum here with online real-estate investing sites. Let’s say 4-5%. This is my expectation and that’s why I put in only $2,500. Just ta see ya know?

arrived homes str airbnb investing platform apprecaition single famlily residential real estate dashboard returns
Looks like I’m getting a lousy 3.7% return, not included potential future appreciation upon the sale.

Arrived Homes doesn’t only invest in vacation rentals. They also allow single-family residential investments.

Years ago, I did a video review on Arrived Homes and their competitor, Here.co. While I invested in both, I discussed in the video why I thought Arrived was a better option. It has to do with my expertise in the Airbnb world. Sure enough, I was right. Here.co went bankrupt.

Future online passive investment platforms to review:

YieldStreet – private market investments

Percent – private credit deals (accredited investors only)

Fundrise – real estate, credit, venture capital

Crypto – I’ve purchased Bitcoin as low as $2,500 and as high as $55k.

Bankruptcy – An Ever-Present Danger In Bad Times

Two of the platforms I chose to invest in have gone bankrupt. Both were in the real estate investing game. PeerStreet did residential real estate. Here.co did short-term rental investing.

“Do your due diligence” is often a useless piece of advice because there are so many variables at play, but you should look into each of these companies, but your own risk profile based on your own conclusions and re-evaluate based on what happens.

For PeerSpace, I choose them somewhat randomly. There were a lot of real estate investing sites. Luckily, I only invested $10k with them. In Here.co, I correctly predicted a faulty company and only invested $2,500. Both are tax write-offs, but nevertheless, you want to avoid them obviously.

They also prove another investing guideline: diversify.

Conclusion – Making Money Online Investing

In conclusion, the above online investing websites allow you to put your money to work for you in a passive way and earn a reasonable return. Unless you are a good stock picker, I believe investing with these platforms offers you are slightly safer alternative, and along with that safety a lower rate of return.

If you are new to investing, I recommend you start with a small amount and spread it out to a few of the best online investing platforms. Go slow and always follow Warren Buffet’s two investing rules.

Rule #1: Never lose money.

Rule #2: See rule #1.

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