The 16 Word Sales Letter

Welcome to my The 16 Word Sales Letter summary by Evaldo Albuquerque! This book cost me $39.99 or $0.43 per page.

Summary of Chapter 1/second half to try and identify the 16-word sales letter before it’s laid out

  • social proof “within an hour, the sales started to pour in…”
  • Longevity “they haven’t stopped yet, as I write this in 2019”
  • ROI/I have the secret “that single piece of copy that followed the formula has generated more than $30 million…”
    • “All I have to do is follow this 16-word method and I can sell million?”
    • “$120 million in just two years”
    • “The one constant was this formula”
    • “My ‘hit ratio’ went from 20-30% to 60-80%”
  • Broad spectrum/strategy “from several different offers, different products, and different ideas.”
  • Broad spectrum/customer “before you assume I’m some sort of copy genius, you should know..”
    • “had zero triaing in direct marketing”
    • “if this works for me, I know it can work for anyone.”
    • “Yes, even if you’re a complete newbie”
  • Prove it/secret works for anyone “as soon as I started mentoring other copywriters and applying my method..”
  • Testimonial: before didnt’ know anything…within short-time period I generated large sum..shock…things I learned will help me forever as X (whatever I’m selling)
    • 2nd testimonial: before nothing….within short-time period $$$…freedom to work when/where…other gurus talk/my guru does
    • 3rd testimonial: increase in $$$…what did this money do for me (pay off loans) and future (looking for house)…working with guru is cloest to guarantee success….exhaggerted claim to dismiss other options/gurus…reference results
  • Brief summary of what IT is
    • benefit: easy to apply, consistent formula
    • pain point will become a thing of the past
    • additional pain point targeted at newbies
    • “I know because I’ve been there”
    • future promise of easy process, easy money after you learn my secret
      • speicif promise: productivity will skyrocket
    • related to future customer/what it means for them
      • what are the expected returns
      • more time to do what you want!
    • specific benefit that guru saw when implementing their own strategies
      • productivity increase….extreme example….in as little as
        • specific guur example
    • people started asking me what IT was

Define the one belief (the ultimate goal of the sales letter), the answer ten questions, in order.

Did you know I’m an author? I wrote four books on real estate investing, travel, and language learning.

The one belief: this new opportunity/USP/the what is the key to their desire and it’s attainable only through my new mechanism/the how.

Learning my insider secrets is the key to melting away STR fear of failure with a full calendar and it’s only attainable through Optimized Business program.

  • Question #1: How is this different from everything else I’ve seen?
    • Activates dopamine, otherwise your message will be ignored
    • A new law, a new loophole, a new threat, a new discovery, a new conspiracy, a new political scandal, a new trading/making money system
  • Question #2: What’s in it for me?
    • Most important word: You
    • What promise can I make at the beginning that will get my customer salivating?
      • Must be tied to customers’ key desire
  • Question #3: How do I know this is real?
    • Show proof in an ABT story (and, but, therefore) and stay away from facts/analytical
  • Question #4: What’s holding me back?
    • We need to justify their failure by showing them the real reason why those strategies or products theyv’e tried in the past have not worked.
    • Reverse engineer answer to #1
    • It’s NOT your fault (because you’re not putting yourself in the guest’s perspective. It’s like
  • Question #5: Who/What is to blame?
    • Creating an enemy or the us vs them, insider vs outsider
  • Question #6: Why now?
    • Create an either/or situation
      • Either act now or you could lose everything
      • A date deadline is not enough
    • Even in the biggest depressions, there are still winners. Restaurants with waitlists. Clubs with lines. People are still traveling.
  • Question #7: Why should I trust you?
    • “I’ve been in your shoes”
    • Robin Hood storyline
      • you have a secret that the protected class knows, but now it’s available to everyone
    • Expert storyline
  • So far this is done in the first third
  • Question #8: How does it work?
    • by exploring an existing belief, ideal
    • how your mechanism gives the promised end result
    • can wrap explanation of mechanism in ABT storytelling frame
  • Question #9: How can I get started?
    • no-brainer offer
    • increase the value, add bonuses, and add money-back guarantee
    • reveal main offer; what others are saying; false close (high pice); extra bonuses (show how each has value); value stack/show total value; final price; gaurnatee
    • Value/many similar products are selling for $5, $7, $10k, I even talked to a host personally who spent $15k only to pay me and confess the value I gave him was much more than what he paid for in the past. He’s since come back many times for many months paying me a consulting fee of $266 per hour, the same rate that anyone pays who wants to speak to me privately….then price….then first 25 get an extra $250 off…and this first class will get lifetime access. In the future, this will be a subscription. The first class will also be able to join live with me and be able to ask questions real time as we go through this 9 week program.
  • Question #10: What do I have to lose?
    • Remind how your new opportunity is key to their desire and it’s only attainable through my mechanism. Then reminder about how life will remain the same if no action taken
    • “The way I see it, you have three options”
    • “Since you’ve watched my entire presentation this far, I think you’re one of the few special ones

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