Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger

I attribute a lot of my gym success to Bigger Leaner Stronger, this books prequel. If you’re a bodybuilding newbie (can lift less than your body weight on either Squat, Deadlift, or Bench) then start with that one.

For the dannybooboo rendition of weightlifting for beginners, click here.

The main difference between the two books is periodization which allows for rep ranges greater and less than the recommended 4-6 reps per set in BLS.

BBLS follows a 6-week cycle: 4 normal weeks, 1 power week, and 1 deload or rest week

Ideally, you have 5 workouts: chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs

POWER: 2-3 reps, squat/deadlift/bench/shoulder press, 3-5min rest
1RM: 1 rep, power week only, (generally) 10lbs more than power sets, 4-5min rest
MYO(FIBRILLAR): 4-6 reps, 2-3min rest
SAR(COPLASMIC): 8-10 reps, 1-2min rest

Weeks 1-4: Normal
2 Power Sets
6 Myo Sets
2 Sar Sets

Power Week (all except arms):
2 Power Sets
1 1RM
3 Myo Sets
2 Sar Sets

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Danny Rusteen

In 2015, Danny got fired from Airbnb. Just two years later, he started two successful businesses and wrote a best-selling book. Since then, he's become a bodybuilding, location-independent, minimalist traveling the world while living in Airbnbs. He describes himself as a skeptic, contrarian, and expert cuddler. In his spare time he reads, cooks, and plays basketball. Follow his journey on Instagram or YouTube.

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