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I’m currently reading Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne.

One-Sentence-Summary: How to differentiate yourself from your competition.

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This blog will contain both my summary and review of the book Blue Ocean Strategy. I have temporarily stopped reading this book.

Did you know I’m an author? I wrote four books on real estate investing, travel, and language learning.

As I read the book, you will find my in-progress Blue Ocean Strategy review and book summary notes below.

The book shoots itself in the foot within the first pages by highlighting In Search of Excellence and Built to Last, two famous business books, only to say they turned out to be not so accurate because many of the exampled companies started to struggle. So, what’s to say Blue Ocean STrategy is not the same? After all, it’s a book doing the same thing and that is trying to identify trends and patterns for success.

I purchased this book after hearing about it from James Tran, a popular YouTuber who read it early in his career and credits it with some of his success succeeding in the very competitive YouTube space. At first, I was excied to read this and then not soon after I saw some rather unsettling news about this YouTube which ruined a lot of credibility I had for him, and relatedly his recommendations (both book and on his YouTube channel in the form of paid advertisers). It became apparent to me after learning this news that this book may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s popularliyt may be based on this single recommednation by Mr. Tran who read this book as a young adult, early in his career, which means the recommednation holds less eight because the recommender has no experience. It’s like your first true love. Is she that amazing and perfect? Probably not, but it’s a new and wonderful feeling. To be fair, it’s too ear ly to tell, but these are my initial reactions. I also was not encourged by reading about the authors, the first thing I did. This is located at the very end of the book, maybe on purpose. The author is a professor. The book is about how to be a millionare, basically. That’s not compatible with me. I would have preferred if an entrepreneur was the author. The book may be more academic, than real world.

Jake Tran is money motivated. He’s alwasy wanted to be rich, and will do anythign to get there. He read this book to help on his journey which was “how can I make a lot of money, as fast as possible, and in any way?” While his YouTube channel is popular, he started out with great videos, but then quickly (as soon as he could) transitioned to lower-quality videos and very questionable sponsors (who he masquerades as experts in a particular field).

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