Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

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2023 update: I just watched a YouTube video of the author and it didn’t go well. If felt he was phony. I felt his claims got way outlandish and needed hard evidence (like someone growing back their thyroid). He didn’t provide any actionable insight or advice. A lot of word salad. On top of that, the comments section seemed to have been botified. When someone makes these claims, there are dissenters in the comments, but not this time. One after another, a positive comment. Not a negative one anywhere in sight.

How to leverage the “energy” of the universe to create your own reality through a powerful meditation technique.

It’s not magic. In fact, the book is mostly science-based as it’s written by a doctor. The book is best explained with an example: Let’s say you want a BMW X3. All of a sudden you start noticing BMW X3’s everywhere. It’s not that they appeared magically. They’ve always been there. The only thing that changed is your focus. So, what you focus on becomes your reality. Similarly, if you focus on problems, well, guess what? You’re going to start seeing more of what you’re focusing on (problems).

The book is really about the power of your brain. Your reality, everything, is first created in your brain. This is why the placebo effect is real. Due to our enlarged frontal lobe, we are actually able to focus on a single-minded thought and immerse ourselves in this mental imaging that our brain modifies its wiring without having experienced the actual event.

Meditation Technique (Kind of like becoming aware of when you say ‘um’ when you join Toastmaster’s, you’re going to become aware of your automatic patterns that you don’t like and by just becoming aware of them, you can start to change them).

Step 1–6 are designed to help you break the habit of being yourself by understanding the unconscious states of mind that represent the prior you. Step 7 is designed to create your new mind.

Step 1: Induction (20-Minutes)
Close eyes and do one of two techniques: 1) Body-Part (focus on a body part from top to bottom, then space around you, then entire room) or 2) Water-Rising (focus on the room filling up slowly with water, then take note of the immediate space around you, then the entire room)

Step 2: Recognizing (identify the problem)
Identify an unwanted emotion and its corresponding state of mind that you want to unmemorize.

  • Pick an emotion your want to unmemorize. Hold this emotion and feel the sensations it brings to your physiology.
  • Then, ask yourself ‘How do I think when I feel this way?’ Then become aware of how you think with this feeling/your state of mind.

Step 3: Admitting and Declaring (acknowledging your true self rather than the self you show to others)
Think about the things you have been hiding (admit them inwardly) and verbalize one emotion associated with this fake self (declare it outwardly).

Step 4: Surrendering
Surrender to letting the ‘energy’ take over and create the wanted future that’s just right for you.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner reality. Whatever you are surrendering, imagine that it has already come true for you. Two examples:

  1. If you are told that next week you will go to Hawaii on vacation, you would get happy, right? Your body would physiologically respond ahead of the actual experience.
  2. The placebo effect is real because recipients internal realities change which is reflected in their outer reality.

Step 5: Observing and Reminding
Observe old self and remind yourself who you no longer want to be.

  • What automatic thoughts do you think when you feel that emotion you identified in step #2?
  • How do you habitually act when you are feeling this emotion?

Step 6: Redirecting (prevent yourself from behaving subconsciously)
Picture yourself in a situation that you do not want to act subconsciously and say (out loud): change!

Step 7: Creating and Rehearsing
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Favorite Quote: By definition, emotions are the end products of past experiences in life.

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