Bronze Age Mindset

My review and summary of Bronze Age Mindset by Bronze Age Pervert or BAP (oka Costin Vlad Alamariu, a Russian Romanian) is coming soon!

One-Sentence-Summary: A mixture of pages-long paragraphs, frequent obscure words requiring a pause in much-needed concentration to locate a definition, bastardly run-on sentences, and an Eastern European accent living vicariously through the pages, this is a challenging book to comprehend with the modern testicle-sized amount of focus we’re accustomed.

I’m currently reading Bronze Age Mindset by BAP. Current page: 114

I’m unsure if I’ll ever finish. I’ve returned to this book time and again since I purchased it in 2022 only to give up soon thereafter.

booboo real-time book rating: ★★★★☆ (percentage of books with this rating: 34%)

Prior to reading this book, I highly recommend going into a cave with 14 doses of caffeine and a 30mg rapid release of Adderal. That should get you through Part One.

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Thanks for visiting and to Bronze Age Pervert for writing Bronze Age Mindset!

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