Conversation Casanova

You’re reading my honest book review of Conversation Casanova by Dave Perrotta.

This is a how-to talk to women book. It’s beginner level.

Did you know I’m an author? I wrote four books on real estate investing, travel, and language learning.

In the pickup community, this book is PG. It’s safe. The author took knowledge from that community, which he probably learned over years through various sources and personal experience, and wrote this book leaving out all the lingo. You’re not going to learn the more effective strategies nor go deeper into the human psyche. Again, it’s for beginners.

About 1/3 through the book I started skimming due to surface-level information. A nice book for absolute beginners. There were some nuggets of truth.

The best part of the book: Always sit next to her on a date.

A solid reminder to all.

One item of note that I found useful in my specific case is about tests that women deliver in the form of verbal jabs. Often I get that I must be dating a lot, have a lot of female friends. It’s annoying and untrue and I usually disqualify the girl who says this generic line. However, I could now do as the author recommends and agree and exaggerate: Yup, that’s me, lots of women. Anyways, what do you love about players so much?

This isn’t a negative review of Conversation Casanova. It just wasn’t for me as I’m not a beginner. If you’ve read similar books, books on psychology, etc. then you should not buy this book. If you’re just getting started and want something vanilla, this is your book.

There was a good reminder for me and all guys who hesitate when going to approach a girl. We hesitate because it’s seen as the more risky option compared to not doing anything. You need to shift your perspective so that it’s actually more risky not to approach her.

I thought it was funny how Perrotta teaches the reader how to sexy smile: show very little teeth (or just keep your mouth shut)and smile more with one side of your mouth.

I got a nice piece of simple wisdom towards the end of the book: It’s better to hold a little back and be intriguing.

Think about your audience. Are you talking to your girlfriend’s mom or best friend’s grandma? Then talk more, don’t try to be cool and secretive. But if you’re on a date, leaving a bit more up to the imagination can be in your favor.

There were some nice quotes I highlighted:

  • Your mindsets dictate your thoughts, your thoguths dictate your actions, and your actions ditate your results. Page 23.
  • Remember: The more she talks about herself, the more connected she’ll feel to you. And in order to truly get her to tlak about herself, you need to infuse emotional topics into the conversations. Page 126.
  • Women don’t conenct with facts and stats. thye connect with emotions. And the way to communicate emothionally is to tell better stories and communicate good qualities. Page 135.
  • Tell the story as if you’re living it. Page 156.

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You’ve just read my candid book review of Conversation Casanova by Dave Perrotta.

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