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Collecting emails should be every online business number one priority. You do this with internet marketing techniques that tease the viewer to enter their email to receive more information. Next, you figure out which viewers are buyers by offering a low-price purchase right away. Next, you find the hyper-active buyers with another higher-priced item.

When someone publishes content (blog post, video, etc.) about your awesome product (or you encourage a prior happy purchaser to produce something) on their website, point traffic to that content in exchange for turning it into a funnel by adding a CTA. This way the third-party vouchers for you and will likely increase conversion.

The guy demonstrated his expert-level knowledge in the book, however, he recommended sending an email every single day. I have never done this, but it simply seems ineffective. Maybe this worked in the early days (early 2000s) when Russell got his start, but I do not believe this works anymore. In fact, I have received complaints from my customers who subscribed to one of my partner’s websites after they used a similar email strategy. And, personally, that’s the quickest way for me to hit the unsubscribe button.

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