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I’m currently reading The First Time Manager by Jim McCormich, Gary S. Topchik, and Loren B. Belker.

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This blog will contain both my summary and review of the book The First Time Manager.

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People are motivated by their own self-interest. Find out what motivates an employee, and use that to get the best out of them and in place of your authority. Your frame in motivating employees to do their best is getting them to feel “want to” and not “have to”. An employee could be motivated to get the job done to a high degree or to get by.

  • Promotion/title
  • Manager’s approval
  • Money
  • Reputation/status symbols (ie a preferred parking spot)
  • Achievement
  • To be employed/not be unemployed
  • To be part of something greater than themselves/team accomplishment

Motivation can change (ie motivated by achievement, but after the employee buys a large home, they’re not motivated by a steady job and good salary).

“When you can align the professional and personal goals of a team member with the needs of your organization, you have a committed and engaged employee.” (p. 138)

When mistakes happen:

  1. Review circumstances
  2. Do not be critical
  3. Verbalize goal: everyone learns and avoids same mistake
  4. Drive convo to what can be done better next time to achieve desired result
  5. Make it clear that while the team member cannot afford to make the same mistake again, you appreciate their willingness to take initiative and want to encourage them to continue to do so.

As I read the book, you will find my in-progress The First Time Manager review and book summary notes below.

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