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I’m currently reading Macrobolic Nutrition by Gerard Dente. I didn’t realize this book was published in 2004, which means the science was based on the 90’s. While an interesting read, there are some things in there we know to be irrelevant today (eating every 2-3.5 hours) and science had progressed so much in two decades I don’t recommend this book. Nutrient Timing was also published in 2004.

This blog will contain both my summary and review of the book Macrobolic Nutrition.

45/35P/20 lean-mass equation

5-7 meals per days spaced out every 2.5-3 hours

As I read the book, you will find my in-progress Macrobolic Nutrition review and book summary notes below.

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Thanks for visiting and thanks to Gerard Dente for writing Macrobolic Nutrition!

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