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One-Sentence-Summary: An unobtrusive autobiography of Matthew McConaughey, a zero-time-winning Best Picture and one-time-wining Best Actor, who saw success easily from early in life and written from a diary he kept since he was 15 years old.

booboo real-time book rating: ★★★☆☆ (percentage of books with this rating: 34%)

Why do I not like Greenlights? I’m puzzled. It was probably the most entertaining audiobook I ever listened to.

Is it because he’s an extreme optimist? Even the beatings his Dad gave him as an adolescent he claims to appreciate.

It is because he’s not particularly attractive, but has that persona?

Is it because his life is too successful? Am I jealous?

Maybe it’s because his book has vastly more reviews on Amazon than the total number of books I’ve ever sold—and I consider myself a successful author!

Is it because, like Matthew McConaughey, I’ve also kept a journal since I was in 7th grade and have consistently written in it, yet he turned it into a viable product, and no one gives a shit about mine?

My friend recommended it to me. Said it’s a fantastic book full of wisdom. I like wisdom, I thought. At the time, I was living in Florianopolis with a scooter and a lot of time to listen to something while in transit. Is it because this book contained pathetically minimal wisdom?

You know what.. I know what it is.

Non-controversial. Neutral. Yup.

Throughout the book, he adds in ‘bumperstickers’. They’re supposed to be the sometimes-controversial wisdom delivered in bite-size pieces. “..lyrics, one-liners, quick hitters, unobtrusive personal preferences that people publicly express. They’re cheap and they’re fun. They don’t have to be politically correct because, well, they’re just bumperstickers.”

Yet they are politically correct. All of them. Not a single one was in the slightest bit controversial.

Matthew McConaughey is safe.

Perfect! I’m almost done with the audiobook. A few minutes to go, and he just mentioned Covid. Matthew McConaughey is a safe space bot. You can’t say anything to offend him, and he most definitely won’t say anything to offend you. Promise.

I haven’t listened to his thoughts on Covid yet, but my guess is, can you guess..no controversial opinions in the slightest. Let’s go!!




Yup. No noteworthy opinion or wisdom about Covid. He could be a news anchor. He called the George Folyd situation an ‘unjust murder’. Said ‘All lives couldn’t matter until black lives mattered more.’ Wait a minute. Is that controvesial? No. That is the narrative.

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