Ho Tactics

Welcome to my Ho Tactics book review and summary!

Quite likely, this will be the single worst book I’ve ever read. And, by far. I’m reading it on my kindle, at 11% I had enough. Not a good writer. No useful information. Not enjoyable to read. No value. In summary, a complete waste of time. Then I started skipping around, hoping to salvage something. No. This book is a piece of garbage. It’s a good idea, though. And, clearly, the author has a following with 300+ reviews.

booboo book rating: ★☆☆☆☆

The word fuck is used 152 times. While I’m not offended, it’s unnecessary. Here’s an example of what I mean, bare with me now: “The first thing that crosses a man’s mind when he meets a new woman is how she looks. Before you stop reading like, “I knew there was a catch, I gotta look like Beyonce and shit,” calm the fuck down and let me continue.”

Something salvageable: “Every time you step out of the house is an opportunity to attract someone who could change your life.” Obviously I’ve taken this out of context to salvage it, but this is true. Always look good, be in a good mood, make people feel good, and good things are always possible.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my Ho Tactics book review and summary!

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