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Someone is telling you something because they want an emotion from you. Anticipate and give them that emotion.

One-Sentence-Summary: Using improv comedy as a backdrop, the book suggests flowing conversations are one shared goal that is reached through collaboration, and techniques and strategies are provided.

Give people the emotions they want to evoke in you through their stories. Once I was in Almaty, Kazakhstan and was offered fermented horse milk. I drank it. It was disgusting. But, I knew they were proud of it and they wanted me to like it. So, I pretended! I encourage you to do the same. Be sad. Be happy. Be anxious. Be consistent with the storyteller’s intentions.

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“Yes, and.” Use these two words a lot in conversation to continue and add creative input to conversations.

Creating motion in conversations: motion is “a measure of conversational agility. Before one topic is completely bled dry, you can jump to other ones to keep engagement high and prevent stagnation.” (p. 78)

This blog will contain both my summary and review of the book Improve Your Conversations.

When you get stumped or don’t know what to say whether that be by your parents, in an interview, or during a regular conversation, use this formula:

  1. restate what was said
  2. state an emotion
  3. ask a question

As I read the book, you will find my in-progress Improve Your Conversations review and book summary notes below.

“Rule of Improv Comedy: Improv comedy is about playing off others, and you can’t do that if you are constantly waiting for your turn to talk, and not listening to others. Shut up more.”

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Speak more interesting with metaphors, which are essentially comparing two things. “Rollercoasters are like charities, I donate so many things because I lose something every time I ride one.” (p. 141)

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A neat chapter summary is provided toward the end of the book.

Chapter 4: Be more specific. This makes conversation easier.

Chapter 8: It’s entertainment, not discussion. Put the ‘entertainment’ frame on the conversation by using metaphors.

Chapter 11: Remember and callback. Stopping one topic before it dries out, and referring back to it later in that or a future conversation creates a bonding sensation and, I would argue, is arousing to someone of the opposite sex.

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