The Lean Muscle Diet

Overall, disappointing. The book isn’t even that old (2014). I was espcially disappointed in the workout sections. The book seems to be aimed at an older crowd with a lot of body-weight or modified body-weight exercises. Additionally, there was no scientific basis for the workouts. For example, the author recommends a set and rep target of 8-5-3-10-12. What…lol. Talk about bro-science. The only thing this is good for is variety.

The provided food charts fail to indicate whether the measurements are for cooked or uncooked foods. For example, there is a large difference between calories in a chicken thigh if you’re measuring from cooked or uncooked. The author’s fail to address this extremely large and basic issue with counting calories. This begs the questions of the thoughtfulness of the rest of the book most of which I am less familiar with. Additionally, his avocado stats are off (he indicated 201g only gives you 160 calories when actually about 100g of avocado gives you that many calories).

Probably good for a newbie and/or an older person.

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