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Welcome to my Learn Amazon Ads summary!

A blog post turned into the highest 32-page “book” readable in 10 minutes. As a full beginner, I did get information from this publication, but I would have said that about nearly anything I did to learn about Amazon ads at this stage in my journey.

Did you know I’m an author? I wrote four books on real estate investing, travel, and language learning.

Keypoints from this “book”:

  • Run relevant adverts by doing detailed keyword research and advert testing.
    • Relevance is important: show the ads to people who may be interested in seeing them
    • Pause keywords that are not working (ie clicks but no sales) and track those that are working
  • It is easier to spend $100 with 100 adverts set to $1 per day than it is to spend $100 with 10 adverts set to $10 per day.
    • On Amazon, it is actually hard to spend your budget for those adverts that are working

You read my book review and summary by Mark Dawson. Be sure to check out my digital bookshelf for 100+ book summaries.

Thanks for visiting and thanks to Mark Dawson for writing Learn Amazon Ads!

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