The Magic of Thinking Big

This is my summary notes of David Schwarts, PhD ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ which I read in 2017 during my travels in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you think negative thoughts, like it’s a shitty day, you will come up with proof that you were right.

Action cures fear. This is said various times throughout the book. The way to combat any kind of fear – yes, any kind of fear – yes, any kind of fear – is action.

There’s a neat story in the book about a couple who wants a new house, but without money for the downpayment. He worked a deal with the builder and then worked a deal with his boss to earn extra money for the payment. Even though it was ‘impossible’ at first, the resolution to take action ignited the man’s mind to find ways to accomplish his goal.

Introduce yourself to others at every possible opportunity.

You are not pulled into high levels of success. Rather, you are lifted there by those working beside and below you. Achieving high levels of success requires the support and cooperation of others. And gaining this support and cooperation of others requires leadership ability.

Would I like to carry out orders if they were given to me the way I give them to others?

Next time someone declares war on you, hold your fire. The way to win in situations like this is to let the other fellow blow his stack and then forget it.

To think confidently, act confidently.

Practice making strong eye contact. It’s so important and you’re judged heavily for it.

Speak up. Don’t be afraid of sounding foolish. For every person that doesn’t agree with you, someone else probably does.

Average people have always resented progress.

People who tell you it can’t be done, almost always are unsuccessful people, are strictly average, or mediocre at best in terms of accomplishment.

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I hope you enjoyed my ‘The Magic of Thinking Book’ book summary by David Schwarts. PhD.

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