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Welcome to my The Message Game book summary and review!

I came upon this book through my quest to improve my own text game, something that, unfortunately, women require. Personally, I’ve been (and continue to be) filtered out for sending bad texts. It’s extraordinarily frustrating as I know as soon as I get a date, odds are they will like me. But women don’t think that way. They emphasize texting to a very high degree and to a fault.

At first, I didn’t like the book. I read about 20% and didn’t feel I was learning anything. It was just a bunch of screenshots. But then I revisited the book and finished it within a few days because of the screenshots.

It’s important to note that without any photos of these girls, the book is incomplete. Nevertheless, the screenshots prove useful. I often try to imagine if I showed my texts to a friend, would I be embarrassed. The answer, sadly, is yes I would oftentimes be embarrassed by the texts I’m sending.

The author, clearly, would not. I admit his texting seems flawless. He uses very similar techniques but adapts them in terms of timing and wording based on his read of the girl.

The reason why I like this book so much is that it helps put a different perspective on texting. The author doesn’t have rules, instead, he has a philosophy. That philosophy is to:

  • Invest as little as possible via texting,
  • Communicate in as few words as possible,
  • Rarely explain yourself,
  • Always keep it light and enjoyable,
  • Never be reactive to her,
  • Low pressure, always.

Another paramount rule is the length of time in responding. Defer to taking longer, at least as long as she took to respond. There are many traps here. Let’s say you want to meet a girl that night. She takes 30 minutes to respond. It’s already 6pm. You know that if you take 30 minutes, it will be too late in case she did want to meet. Guess what? She doesn’t want to meet. This is a lesson I need to remind myself of.

Girls will often try to unknowingly sabotage the conversation by making it irrelevant or boring. As the man and leader of the conversation, you have to almost treat the girl as a child constantly putting the texting back on track to the goal of meeting in real life.

I appreciated how the author added in some of his failures.

I wonder if the author would claim that the same texting techniques would work on all types of girls. Personally, I get matches with really attractive girls. I meet really attractive girls in real life. But I meet only a tiny fraction of these girls making my entire dating life an almost complete waste of time.

Oftentimes, I’ll get a number, and straight away the girl doesn’t seem interested. How to salvage? The book doesn’t cover this, though, I think the author would say there’s no point and to meet more girls.

I think I would agree with this and something I’ve concluded recently is that there is one solution to girl problems: more girls. If you only meet one girl a week (you’re probably ahead of average) but that one girl has a lot of weight in terms of your dating life. I try to meet a girl a day and I can honestly say this has been the best cure. There’s no upper limit in the number of girls who you can/should meet. Always err on meeting more.

Overall, it’s an easy read and I recommend it for that reason alone. I found the screenshots insightful. The author also runs an active Facebook group and Telegram accounts to get real-time help on your texting which I’ve used and have gotten valid responses.

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I hope you enjoyed my The Message Game book summary and review!

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