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dannyboobo tip: the book talks about sexting at some point. In my experience, which is a lot, I notice that 90%+ LOVE dirty talk while having sex or not. The remaining 10% like it. A very few minority think it’s degrading. You must dirty talk the woman and a good way to start is by sexting. Start slow. “You looked sexy this morning.” But, start. For the good of you, her, your future relationship, and all of humanity.

One-Sentence-Summary: Comedian Aziz Ansari’s first and last smash-hit book, published in 2015, is all about online dating and how to optimize everything from the profile picture to description to one-liners and the entire conversation.

booboo real-time book rating: ★★★★☆ (percentage of books with this rating: 34%)

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Profile Photo

For women, choose a slightly flirty smile always with eye contact over a straight smile. Angle the photo downwards towards you. Least effective are drinking alcohol, eating, or posing with animals. For men, no smile and looking away from the camera yielded better results. Most effective are ones with animals, muscles, and doing an interesting activity. Least effective are outdoor, drinking, and travel photos.

This blog will contain both my summary and review of the book Modern Romance.

I picked up an interesting rebuttal from Chapter 4: Choice and Options when a woman says she doesn’t go out with people she doesn’t know. While it’s fine, if she only goes out with people she only knows, it’s as if she’s never been on a first date before because she already knows his story and background. Likely, she’s already pre-judged that man and made most of her mind up. You lose that initial, fun discovery period of getting to know someone from zero.

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