NLP: The Essential Guide

To perform at maximum capacity, use a technique taught to the SEALs (I find #1 to be the most valuable, by far, and by doing it also #2 is achieved): 1) Be only in the exact moment; do not think about the next thing, 2) Break a task into smaller steps and celebrate your success, 3) At point of discouragement, take a deep break; 6 inhale, hold for 2, 6 exhale, 4) create your own cheering section in your own head

The 21-Day Guide is an awesome and thorough exercise for setting goals and thinking hard about your current and future life.

  • A better way of asking why: “I wonder why that’s so. What do you think?” or “How come?” or “Because…?”

Pro Tip: Look at people in the eyes. When you ask for something from your waiter to checking out at the grocery store. Looking at their eyes, and for just a half-second longer creates a connection and elevates you.

Favorite Quote: If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. (by Henry Ford)

Did you know I’m an author? I wrote four books on real estate investing, travel, and language learning.

Reference to free-throw shooting experiment found on page 92 or Loc 1717

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