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THIS is the book, published in 2004, that started the short anabolic feeding window urban legend that is still with us today.

One-Sentence-Summary: “Muscle recovery and growth occur fastest when the right nutrients are consumed at the right times in relation to training.” (p. 111)

Let me be clear: it makes sense that there would be an anabolic window! Today, it seems there is not. I don’t know who to believe or if we know the right answer.

While an interesting read, there are some things we know to be irrelevant today (eating every 2-3 hours; taking BCAA’s), and science has progressed so much in two decades I don’t recommend this book. Macrobolic Nutrition was also published in 2004.

booboo book rating: ★★☆☆☆

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Fun fact: “The word protein is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘of prime importance.'” (p. 123)

Energy Phase (10 minutes prior to and during a workout)

“Consuming individual amino acids and proteins during the Enregy Phase enhance the ergogenic effects of carbohydrate consumed at the same time.” (p. 120)

Anabolic Phase (45min after your workout)

“A carbohydrate/protein supplement taken immediately after exercise (versus waiting up to three hours) can result in a 600 percent improvement in protein synthesis and a 100 percent improvement in muscle glycogen replenishment.” (p. 84)

On p. 115, a study claims that BCAA supplementation decreased muscle damage. We know this to be false, as long as you already have proper BCAAs in your diet.

  • protein/carb drink with glutamine, leucine, antioxidants
  • 3:1 – 4:1 high-glycemic carb:whey protein
    • avoid products containing a high percentage of fructose or galactose
  • Amino Acids, especially glutamine

Growth Phase (where muscle mass and strength occur): 18-20 hour period

  • Rapid Segment (up to 4 hours, but only if activated during Anabolic Phase)
    • consume leucine and glutamine
  • Sustained Segment (until next workout; mainly influenced by diet)

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