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One-Sentence-Summary: Published 20 years after Pablo Escobar’s death in 1994, his only son, Juan Pablo Escobar, writes a book detailing his father’s life.

You should know your author. Here are my thoughts on Pablo Escobar. The pursuit and death of Pablo was not about drugs. It was about power. Ask yourself: what changed since 1994? Did the drug trade reduce? No. Did the power shift heavily towards the government? Yes. Pablo had too much power.

Pablo did bad things! He did. But why, when the government does bad things multiplied by many factors of tens, do we not consider it so bad? Well, langauge and narrative, but that’s a topic for another post.

It erks me when I read about how his wife could “pardon him for all that he did.” (p. 111) In totality, Pablo contributed a fraction of the evil perpetrated in this world compared to governments. Just because the government (yes, your government) hides the evil they do in this world, doesn’t mean it’s not there. I believe Pablo’s net contribution was positive. He was a good man.

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This blog will contain both my summary and review of the book Pablo Escobar: My Father.

A History of Pablo Escobar’s Life

  • 1964 – He counterfeited diplomas for a local school (his first delinquency)
  • 1968 – Pablo declares that he will commit suicide if he does not have 1 million pesos by the age of 30
  • 1971 – Pablo, 24, meets his future wife, Victoria, then 13, in La Paz neighborhood of Envigado
  • 1974 – Pablo goes to jail for the first time and other meets Alberto Preito, a powerful contraband leader connected to the elites and politicians
  • 1975 – Pablo discovers and, quickly, starts selling cocaine
  • 1976 – Pablo asks Vicotria to marry him after her mom, Nora, wouldn’t allow her to say goodbye to him before a months-long trip. Victoria “immediately said yes, without a moment of doubt.” (p. 117)
  • 1976 – The famous mugshot photo of Pablo Escober was his first time incarcerated for drug trafficking and bribery and there he learned that his wife was pregnant with his first born, the author of this book.
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Important point here. If Pablo hadn’t gone to jail, would he have become what he became? The government created jail as a good for society. Most would agree. In this case, it gave Pablo his first powerful connection. What was thought to be a good thing, actually turned out to have an, ultimately, bad result.

Grandma: Inés

Father: Abel

Mother: Hermilda

Pablo Gaviria Escobar

Brothers: Roberto, Fernando (youngest)


As I read the book, you will find my in-progress Pablo Escobar: My Father review and book summary notes below.

As I begin this book written by the then-14-year-old son of Pablo Escobar, what I find most interesting is that the son seems to know a whole lot about the operation. Granted, the author is now an adult, but it’s written in a first-person perspective taking you back to 1994 and onwards. The son was lucky to live and lucky to not be killed by the enemy. No wonder why he changed his name, didn’t take any money, and moved to Argentina. Life over prosperity.

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