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“..to assume the sexes are mentally identical in the face of evidence that they are not is just as unfair as to assume sexual differences in the face of evidence that they are the same.” (p. 249)

One-Sentence-Summary: The premise is astonishingly simple and makes one wonder why a book even had to be written on the subject: “men and women are different, and some of these differencies stem from an evolutionary past in which men hunted, and women gathered.” (p.262)

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“The proposition that and women have evolved different minds is anathema to every social scientist and politically correct individual. Yet I believe it to be true..over long stretches of evolutionary time men and women have faced different evolutionary pressures, so the ones who succeeded will have been those whose brains produced behaviors well suited to those pressures.” (p. 248) Bodies evolved differently, likely so did the mind.

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“..feminism is trying an impossible trick: to change the nature of men while insisting that the nature of women is unchangeable. She argues that men are not closet women and women are not closet men.” (p. 263)

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I like this book because it makes you question a lot. On that note, I will leave you with this: “..there was much interest in the notion that men were the only ape to have taken up a meat diet and hunting as a way of life. Hunting, went the logic, required forethought, cunning, coordination, and the ability to learn skills such as where to find a game and how to get close to it. All true, all utterly banal. Anybody who has ever seen a film of lions hunting zebra on the Serengeti will know how skillfully lions are at teach of the tasks mentioned above. They stalk, ambush, cooperate, and deceive their prey as carefully as any group of humans ever could. Lions do not need vast brains, so why should we? The fashion for men, the hunter, gave way to women, the gatherer, but similar arguments applied. It is simply unnecessary to be capable of philosophy and language to be able to dig tuber from the ground. Baboons do it just as well as women.” (p. 325)

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