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This blog will contain both my summary and review of the book Reframe Your Brain.

In case you don’t know what Adams means when he uses the word frame, I shall explain: basically (ha ha!), your whole life is acted out through frames. A frame can be good or bad or serious or funny or insulting. But your behavior is dictated by your frame, sometimes done unconsciously (bad bad bad!). Think of the last time someone you somewhat knew didn’t say hello to you.

Did you wonder why that person was so rude like most of us?

Or, did you assume they didn’t see you or recognize you? Or, maybe they’re having a bad day and you held nothing against them for not saying hello to you. Maybe even went up to them to say hello?

Those two frames are optional. You decide. I think we’d all agree that one leads, more likely, to success.

As I read the book, you will find my in-progress Reframe Your Brain review and book summary notes below.

  • Within the first few chapters, he claims to have cured alcoholism, anxiety, procrastination, and sneezing.
  • “I only need to succeed 10% of the time.” This will help me in dating with rejection and it’s so true. Interestingly, the very next reframe wanting vs deciding rang true for this, too. Even more interesting, I started reframing this already in my own life! I realized that I am looking for reasons to not approach (she’s not thin enough, she’s not cute, she’s too young, she’s walking too fast, she might be a prostitute or a trans, she looks busy, etc x 100) instead of looking for reasons to approach.
  • Mentioned Dr. Huberman 2x. Though I’m neutral on the guy, over the years he seems to prefer fame over fact, doing things for clicks and views.
  • I like how the book is broken down into small pieces
  • The section ‘How to Spot a Winner’ was interesting in reference to Bitcoin and it being very hard to use yet people are still using it, similar to mobile phones (I remember trying to get on facebook while driving to Vegas, it took 5 minutes for one page to load but it seemed worth it).
  • He lists four rules that anyone can apply and easily to their writing to become a better writer. p. 71 Plus, the very next plage teaches you how to write funny with a single rule.
  • I feel like I know his editors contributions and they consistented of adding in qualified, maybe for liabilty protection. For example, in the Mental Health chapter he leads with “It isn’t sciene. But it also isn’t dangerous.” It’s maybe the 6th qualified of the sort so far.

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You’ll have to read yourself to find out which of the hundred reframes works for you, but I’ll put a few of my favorites here:

Usual Frame: Don’t give something for nothing.

Reframe: Giving triggers reciprocity (on average).

Usual Frame: Success depends on who you know.

Reframe: Success depends on how many people you know.

Usual Frame: The universe is acting against me.

Reframe: The universe owes me.

booboo note: This reminds me of a quote by legendary poker player, Phil Helmuth: “I expect great things to happen to me.” The interesting thing is that great things did happen for Mr. Helmuth, rather consistently. Was it because of his frame? Kinda. A frame manifests itself in subtle and not-so-subtle ways through your body language, choice of words, micro-expressions, all picked up by the people around you.

Usual Frame: Whatever managers do is managing.

Reframe: If your are not measuring, you are not managing.

booboo note: so true, and something I need to do better of in my own business.

I think the greatest benefit of this book is allowing yourself the mindset to create your own frames, that work for you, in your current cirsumstances. Essentially, a frame helps you rebalance the odds; helps you tip the scale in your favor by changing your midnset.

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As is usual with my book reviews, here is a collection of the best quotes:

  • “Freedom is a good tiebreaker for decisions with unpredictable outcomes.” (p. 24)

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Thanks for visiting and thanks to Scott Adams for writing Reframe Your Brain!

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