So much valuable information I have a document on my computer dedicated to the information I learned from it. Unfortunately, this book is not sale to the general public.

Did you know I’m an author? I wrote four books on real estate investing, travel, and language learning.

A dating book, but really more generally about social dynamics. Everyone is unconsciously assigning an S&R (Survival and Reproduction) value to others which determine their attractiveness. This book examines the natural inclinations and how to hack the S&R value system.

Some interesting learnings:

  • Approach anxiety comes from social pressures and the ancient times when the approach represented a risk to your survival (if the female was already taken by an aggressive male)
  • We are designed to respond positively to social proof. People notice those with more social proof (think guy getting filmed or who do you look at in the tour group? Usually the guide if they’re holding court). Social proof is having people’s attention, pre-selection
  • Studies have confirmed men have an I.Q. on average four points higher than women…this difference actually seems fairly predictable given the assumption that women select men based on intelligence more than men select women for the same trait. Thus women have actually bred men to be more intelligent based on their own sexual selection strategy and their own desires
  • Women who want to meet men most often travel in pairs.
  • Any social que can be interpreted  as either an IOI, IOD, DHV, DLV, compliance test, or a combination
  • For good story-telling, use pauses and emotional words, describe the scene and the sensations, don’t give the facts
  • “Chicks act at all times to gain and maintain social status. This is more important to them than getting laid.” – quote from female
  • To deal with an AMOG: try to face the group towards you and away from him; give him the least amount of attention possible without violating plausible deniability; ask him if he is tired or sick; give him a nickname like Mr. Friendly or Captain Sensitive; talk louder than him; touch him to show dominance; say ‘is he always like this?’ or ‘you can dress him up, but you can’t take him anywhere’ or ‘I don’t care what they say bro, you’re a cool guy’; if he touches you say you’re not gay; make him seem like he’s making a big deal of everything
  • Always maintain plausible deniability (the most obvious example is how you would not ask her to come over for sex, instead you would tell her she has to see your view)
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