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Welcome to dannybooboo. This is my Sex God Method summary and review after reading the pdf twice.

Date added to “All Time Favorite” list: 2019

One-Sentence-Summary of The Sex God Method by Daniel Rose: emotional stimulation (ie words, frame) is more important than physical stimulation (ie your size, skill of your tongue, licking, etc.)

Did you know I’m an author? I wrote four books on real estate investing, travel, and language learning.

*A must read*. Daniel Rose, the author, repeats “psychological over physical” throughout the book. He’s referring to your words and the emotional state you’re able to bring upon her matters more than your physical techniques.

Read that sentence again.

You might be asking how? Any summary would be an injustice to his masterpiece. If you’re serious about improving your sex game, which will improve your confidence in general dealing with women, then show some love to Daniel Rose by purchasing The Sex God Method pdf.

Men, if you don’t talk during sex, this is the one thing you can do to improve your sex life and put you above 99% of men.

ALL women love it when I talk dirty to them. However, each women wants a different level of “dirtiness”. Maybe one day I’ll write a post on this.

Orgasms start in the mind and are experienced through the body. While techniques are discussed, this is more of a psychology book.

Be dominant, lead, don’t ask permission, throw her in the position you want, pull her hair, choke her, spank her, talk dirty, be spontaneous.

This only recently became available for purchase, but if it ever goes offline, that is too much of a disservice to both men and women for my conscience to accept.  Contact me for information.

One more thing, thanks to Magnum: buy Yoni Balls. Have your girl wear them just like a tampon throughout the day as an easy way to strengthen her public muscles to have more, and more intense, orgasms.

I hope you enjoyed my brief Sex God Method summary.

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