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I’m not sure if they came up with the name, but CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) is a sexual position design for female organize with penetration. It’s like missionary except with constant clit stimulation with the base of the man’s cock and his pubic bone and the movement is not thrusting instead rocking back and forth. From personal experience, it also helps the man last long as a break between positions.

Top 10 hot spots in the clitoral network:

  1. Glans: responds well to gentle, rhytgmic tongue strokes as well as firmer pressure once she’s well into the process of arousal.
  2. Clitoral cluster or “G-spot”: firm pressure of a fingertip massage
  3. Mons pubis:  massage with the base of your palm stimulates the clitoral cluster from above
  4. Front commissure: start with tongue strokes and, once aroused, firmer pressure of the upper lip and gum, or a fingertip massage
  5. Frenulum: tongue strokes and firm pressure
  6. Labia minora or “inner lips”: tongue strokes, gentle nibbles, and playful fingertip pinches
  7. Vaginal entrance: slow, long licks and gentle fingertip tickles
  8. Fourchette: tongue strokes and fingertip tickles
  9. Perineum: tongue strokes, fingertip pressure, fingertip squeezes (thumb and index finger) that stimulate it from both sides
  10. Anus: fingertip pressure, fingertip insertion, tongue strokes

A nice recommendation is to read an erotic novel with your partner, sometimes even out loud just before sex.

Did you know I’m an author? I wrote four books on real estate investing, travel, and language learning.

“According to the teachings of tantra, a woman’s upper lip is considered one of the most erogenous areas on her body because of a special nerve that connects it to the clitoris.”

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