The Great CEO Within

Welcome to my The Great CEO Within summary!

I’m currently reading The Great CEO Within by Matt Mochary.

This blog will contain both my summary and review of the book The Great CEO Within.

Please come back in a few days. As I read the book, you will find my in-progress The Great CEO Within summary and book review notes.

Thanks for visiting and thanks to Matt Mochary for writing The Great CEO Within!

Books seems to not go too deep. Cover a lot of concepts.

A lightbloub moment for me was when he talked about simple money management. Don’t put your money in commerical banks (ie Wells Fargo), instead use a Brokerage like TDAmeritrade or Fidelity where you can invest your extra cash in government treasuries until you figure out a better invesment straegy rather than just leaving iti n the bank!

This is defintiel yfor CEOs of larger companies or with aspirations for a large company (talking $50M valuation min)

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