The Manual

My review and book notes of The Manual by W. Anton coming soon!

Did you know I’m an author? I wrote four books on real estate investing, travel, and language learning.

This is a good book. It’s not a how to book. It’s a mindset book. It’s a needed book. Too many books cater to the middle 80% of people which is great except when you’re not in the 80%. This book is aimed at more advanced men going for top attractive women.

W. Anton and I have one major disagreement. He recommends always going direct. I don’t. First, I think indirect is a better story and it allows for more creativity in conversation. I also don’t know that I find the girl attractive until I get up close. So why am I going to inflate her ego unnecessarily by telling her the reason I came is because she’s attracted and I want to talk to her? Let’s not to that. Also, what if you want to friend her. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but you could rule that out if you start off direct. Last, you more easily avoid sticky situations. Maybe the Dad or boyfriend is nearby. Well, if you start off indirect for 30 seconds, this gives them a chance to come by. They probably know what’s going on, but she might not and socialization tells him that if his girlfriend is being asked for directions or something random, then nothing can get aggresive.

I have highlighted a bunch of quotes:

  • “When we experience attraction to someone, our brain is letting us know that we have found a suitable sexual partner, someone who resembles all previous partners through the thousands of generations that came before us, an individual who is valuable for our genes, who has traits that will help us survive and reproduce more successfully than we could on our own.” Loc 137

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