The Tao of Dating

If you choose to read a self-improvement book whether that be in the realm of dating or fitness or money or whatever and it’s too easy to read, you should find another.

True change is not easy. It’s fucking difficult. It’s very difficult to be the best version of yourself. But, it’s easy to be a little bit lazy, to sit on the couch with a bucket of ice cream and a movie 5 nights a week. That’s the easy part and the reason for you picking up a self-improvement book.

You’re not happy with where you’re at. But where you’re at is based on years of habits.

The premise of the book is that you’re fine the way you are. High achievers laugh at the premise. While there’s nothing wrong with who you are or how you are, you could be better. We all could. That’s a much better mindset to have – continued improvement.

And to be better, it will take a lot of effort.

But, if you think you’re fine the way you are, if you think it’s not you, it’s him who needs to recognize your value, and you want someone to confirm your belief, this book might be for you.

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Danny Rusteen

In 2015, Danny got fired from Airbnb. Just two years later, he started two successful businesses and wrote a best-selling book. Since then, he's become a bodybuilding, location-independent, minimalist traveling the world while living in Airbnbs. He describes himself as a skeptic, contrarian, and expert cuddler. In his spare time he reads, cooks, and plays basketball. Follow his journey on Instagram or YouTube.

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