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You are reading my review and summary of The Unplugged Alpha by Richard Copper.

This is a mediocre book by some dude who’s had a bad dating/marriage life (not all that unusual), who has learned from his experiences, started a YouTube channel, and got a video interview with Rollo Tomassi, the author of a very famous book in the manosphere a few years ago. Rollo then wrote the foreword to this book which is probably the sole reason for its popularity.

It’s basic. It talks about the same things all similar books talk about. Nothing groundbreaking here. At most, it serves as a good reminder of best practices in the dating realm of the modern world. The best reminder is when he says “attention is the coin of the realm for women, so when you remove it, they lose their mind.” Men, take note. This is 100% true. Your attention is limited, make it more scare towards women who don’t deserve it. I just spent 5-months in Medellin, Colombia giving tons of attention to a gorgeous girl trying to get her on a date, and all I have to show for it is a decrease in productivity and well-being.

I will admit to making quite a few highlights in my Kindle as I’ll identify below. And, if you’re not aware of how society has quietly shifted to a female-first culture, then maybe you should read this book, but I’d recommend first reading The Myth of Male Power.

In the first chapter, he gives a whole list of inexplicable differences between men and women starting to prove his point that men are no longer the power sex. For example, Cooper says “Men and women have similar mortality rates with prostate and breast cancer. Yet, six times more money is spent on researching breast cancer.” And, “men get far longer prison sentences than women – for exactly the same crime.”

Here are some powerful quotes:

  • Men are made; women are born. (page 41)
  • Women have always viewed men as success objects, whereas men have always viewed women as sex objects. (page 41)
  • Hate never comes from above. (page 96)
  • If she asks questions, be somewhat vague in your response. (page 118)
    • A good reminder here. Giving too much information or being too attentive communicates interest. Be careful when you do this.
  • Women don’t care about your struggles, they wait at the finish line and fuck the winners. (page 158)
  • Divorce…is statistically still the number one way women acquire their wealth today. (page 173)

Cooper provides a bit of useful dating advice to filter out girls who waste time on dating apps. After a few messages (over a few days period), send the following message to gauge her interest “I’m busy today, and I’m not on here often, but what’s your number? Let’s set up a date to meet this week.” About a month ago I had a match on Hinge with a girl. She accepted a date, but we went back and forth a few times. I finally asked for her number when she took two days to respond with ‘how was your weekend :)’. At this point, I blocked her.

The author urges all men to meet with a family lawyer in your area once you start living with a woman. If you have more assets than her you may be able to protect them with a cohabitation agreement. This is a good bit of advice and something I will do.

The Tattoo Test – this was an interesting idea. Basically, when the girl requires an LTR (long-term relationship) and starts professing her love for you, ask her to get your name tattooed on her body. It doesn’t need to be gigantic or even visible. Recently, I went on a couple of dates with a girl after spending way too much time convincing her to meet me. Once she assumed I had resources, she all of a sudden when from not responding to my messages to wanting to live with me. She even said she thinks she can fall in love with me. This would have been a great time to use this line. Copper goes on to clarify this request is not a two-way street. She’s requesting your exclusivity, she’s going to enter your frame, a woman with burning desire should be willing to do this. That doesn’t mean you need to walk her into a tattoo parlor. Just mention it casually.

I especially like the chapter ‘Master Violence’. Nowadays men are too girly. This is partly due to obscene punishments for violence and shaming of non-existent toxic masculinity, but violence is necessary sometimes as a man. I’ve been in fights in and outside of the ring. Luckily I’ve always won. Even so, I’ve noticed numerous times in the past when I’m an absolute pussy and being more of a man, more firm, more violent would have functioned better for me as a man.

Did you know I’m an author? I wrote four books on real estate investing, travel, and language learning.

That concludes my summary of The Unplugged Alpha by Richard Copper. It’s an extraordinarily easy read (neither a compliment nor a dis). I finished the book easily in eight days.

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