Tips & Traps for Negotiating Real Estate

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One-Sentence-Summary: A book for beginner and intermediate real estate buyers and sellers full of tips and tricks to improve your ability to secure a better deal on both the sale and purchase.

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Try to negotiate the right to open (and therefore help control) the escrow. The escorw officer is more likely to be loyal to whoever opens it when push comes to shove.

If the house was sol in the past two years, there may be a big cut in the escrow fees for a reissue, but only is requested.

If you’re going to make a counteroffer, it’s a good idea to make the offer on the same document as the original offer. The reason is psychological. Even though the other party knows their offer was rejected, making it on the same document makes it seem like the same deal is being negotiated.

The pre-approval letter should be for just the amount of financing you need.

Even personal property is negotiable and often overlooked as part of the buying process. As a seller, removing personal items takes them off the table as a point of negotiating.

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