Trust Me, I’m Lying

An interesting book about how mainstream media should mostly be ignored, but at least viewed extremely skeptically as most of it is not well researched and misleading, oftentimes, by design.

This quote exemplifies modern mainstream media: “Let’s start with a basic principle: Only the unexpected makes the news.”

It’s written by a self-described ‘media manipulator and is mostly an entertaining read about one persons’ experience and perspective.

However, he tries to take the high road by saying things like, “I feel I can honestly look myself in the mirror and say the people I protected deserved my efforts – and so did those people I set my sights on.” Yeah, dude, I’m sure all the others feel the same about themselves. Note to author: there’s always two valid sides to the same story so you couldn’t have protected and hurt those who deserved it, you only saw one side of the story.



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In 2015, Danny got fired from Airbnb. Just two years later, he started two successful businesses and wrote a best-selling book. Since then, he's become a bodybuilding, location-independent, minimalist traveling the world while living in Airbnbs. He describes himself as a skeptic, contrarian, and expert cuddler. In his spare time he reads, cooks, and plays basketball. Follow his journey on Instagram or YouTube.

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