Zilch to Conversational

A guide discussing many strategies, tools, and techniques for efficient language learning.

Read the guide today. Start learning your language EFFICIENTLY tomorrow.

All language learning follows the same path: sounds, then words, then sentences.

First, I’ll train your ears to recognize the new sounds of your target language so your brain won’t reject them as gibberish.

Next, I’ll share a magic trick to memorize vocabulary and grammar, easily.

Voila, we’re communicating in a new language.

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In 2015, Danny got fired from Airbnb. Just two years later, he started two successful businesses and wrote a best-selling book. Since then, he's become a bodybuilding, location-independent, minimalist traveling the world while living in Airbnbs. He describes himself as a skeptic, contrarian, and expert cuddler. In his spare time he reads, cooks, and plays basketball. Follow his journey on Instagram or YouTube.

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