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I’m a location-independent digital nomad. Usually, I fly to a new country every month. With the Coronavirus pandemic, I decided to come and stay in Bali since March. However, the government of Indonesia is asking certain visa holders to leave in the next 30 days. That’s me. Upon some travel research, it’s clear that the majority of countries have additional requirements from getting tested within 72-hours to showing insurance proof to texting a number so the government can track you. Personally, I’m not interested in any of this. Below you will find some resources that I found to be helpful in researching the new entry rules into certain countries.


I’ll be updating this regularly when I find new resources or you share one with me.


Coronavirus Travel Restrictions – Interactive Maps

Flatten The Curve – This is the most restrictive. The countries in green on this map means there are no additional restrictions to enter the country.

International Air Transport Association – The airline industry uses this resource to determine if they let you board.

Kayak Travel Restrictions by Country – Only shows restrictions by country for air travel.

Other COVID Travel Restriction Resources

The above interactive maps do a poor job of listing which countries are open, open with restrictions, or closed. This is especially burdensome with islands that don’t appear easily on the maps.

Countries Without Any Travel Restrictions Or Entry Requirements – To qualify for this list a country must meet all of the following:

  • No tests before arrival
  • No tests upon arrival
  • No countries banned due to covid-19
  • No quarantine periods

Travel Restrictions Related To The COVID-19 Pandemic – Wikipedia


Best Flight Finder Resources

Scotts Cheap Flights – you can choose your home airport and a few selected destinations (airports or geographical locations) and will receive email alerts when special deals are found.

Flystein – pay the experts to search for you. This service is hit or miss, but they’ll refund your money in most cases if they can’t find you a cheaper flight more than the cost of the service.


Do you have a useful resource to make traveling easier in 2020? Please share it with me in the comments.


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  1. Hi Danny,

    I came across your page after looking for information about travel restrictions during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

    I noticed that you linked to this article: https://www.kayak.com/travel-restrictions. I actually created a similar article, but more concise and is more up-to-date.


    Feel free to use this on your page if it’s something your audience would be interested in. Either way, thank you for your article and keep up the great work!


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