Photo Diary Of Covid Rules

You could say I’m a skeptic. Naturally, I’ve been just slightly skeptical of Covid basically from the start.

Here are some early Instagram stories I did starting in January 2020.

In March 2020, I wrote a blog about why Covid is not risky and touched on all the irregularities surrounding Covid.

Since then there’s been too many utterly idiotic rules surrounding Covid.

Most of them aren’t photogenic, like the rule in Brasil restrcting gym times to a few hours in the morning and in the evening. The great idea here being to make everyone go to the gym at the same time. Or what. No. That’s a stupid ass fucking Covid rule that doesn’t make sense.

I was recently at the Cancún airport when I heard something so mind-bogglingly stupid that it made me chuckle. Now, picture a crowded airport, people stressed out, in line trying to get on the plane, trying to carry on extra bags. Then, the loudspeaker comes on “please remember to say 1.5 meters or 5 feet from anyone around you.” Like WTF lol. What? Really? Why? No. Stupid. Totally ingored by everyone including those who still happened to be afraid by Covid.

Maybe the winner of the dumbest covid rules goes to my time in Bali. While riding a scooter, these guys on the side of the road would periodically stop you to spray this soapy, sticky, liquid on your hands.

And then there’s that stupid little thing you trip over going into some stores.

Or when I saw some lady spray something on the bottom of her and her son’s shoes before they entered a building.

I was once on a date in Playa del Carmen. It’s an outdoor restaurant on the beach, the wind is blowing. I’m asked to put on a mask….to walk to my seat 20 feet away! Mind you, there’s not a single person with a mask on already inside.

How could I forget the shutting down of beaches? Or masks on the beach.

Covid is more a joke than anything else. A sad, sick fucking joke in a dark comedy movie.

Without further ado, let’s get into…The first photo I had to make it into somewhat of an art piece because it was so stupid, it’s beyond any 

dummbest covid rules that didn't work iconic photo
This may have been acceptable in March or April of 2020. But this was taken in February 2021. It’s so idiotic, I had to give this photo some creativity.
Here I’m in the middle of the forest and I find a sign reminding me to wear a mask.
Police dyed the Blue Lagoon black because it was too popular amongst walkers during Coronavirus lockdowns.
Police dyed the Blue Lagoon black because it was too popular amongst walkers during Coronavirus lockdowns.
Lol. At least they didn’t make the toddler wear one.
Venice Beach claimed public health hazard so they filled in a skatepark with sand.
We’ve all seen this gem of a Covid rule
It’s in Spanish, but you can still see the stupidity. Two spaces on the outdoor escalator.
Because if we all walk in the same direction, we’ll avoid Covid.
Wish I got a better photo here. The machine in the middle is out of service due to Covid safety pecautions.
What do you do when you see this tiny piece of plastic? You stick your head around it so that you can hear the person.
This airport lounge is doing their part to reduce the spread!
Here I’m in a barometric chamber. Totally sealed in. The idea is to get as much oxygen is possible. Yet, I’m required to wear a mask inside. I refused this stupidity, was too much nonsense for me.
Are these rules even obeyed during rush hour?
Stupid Covid rules reached every corner of the world. The city of Monterrey decided to spend money putting stickers on the sidewalk.

That concludes, for now, my photo diary of the most laughable and ineffective covid rules. Everywhere from Bali to Istanbul to Mexico. Extreme Covid stupidity has reached all parts.

Do you have a photo of some Covid nonsense? Post it as a comment here if you can, or send it to me directly via the contact page or my Instagram.

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