Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Digital Nomads

The best gift, especially to a minimalist, is something they would have bought themselves anyways. I’ve been a digital nomad for four years and I consider myself a minimalist. Everything I own fits into my carry-on luggage and backpack. I’m constantly looking for items that serve multiple purposes. Below you will find some of the things that I find useful enough to take up some of my limited space. When I mention a brand name, it’s because they’re the best of the numerous others I’ve tried.

Gift Bundle: “Sleep In Coach Seats Like It’s A Bed” Starter Pack

You need four things for this to work:

I find the lower back pillow to immensely increase the comfort to the airplane seats. When my back is rounded, I find that unbearable. This pillow does the opposite. With a partially-reclining seat, it allows you to sleep by giving comfort to your entire back. The neck pillow gives comfort to your neck and head. This specific one is the best because of it totally inflatable and is tiny without any air while the others are bulky. The sleeping mask is essential if you’re at all light-sensitive. It also allows for a more consistent setting for sleep. The sleeping mask with two straps is superior because of comfort. One strap allows for light to slip in from the top and bottom and pulls unnecessarily on the bridge of your nose. The earplugs are for the screaming child or talkative neighbor. All of these items will make your environment more or less the same from airplane to airplane.

Manual (no battery) Nose Hair Trimmer

I purchased this for myself three years ago and it still works like a charm without pinching me.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad manual nose hair trimmer

Computer Camera Cover

There’s a reason why Mark Zuckerberg uses one of these. You should, too.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad computer camera cover eyeballs

BONECO Travel Humidifier

Many parts of the world have terrible air. Surprise. Or the air is fine, but the dusty roads gets to you. Or, it’s so hot is dries your out. This device corrects for all of that overnight.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad travel humidifier

External Battery Charger with USB-C, Micro, and Lightening Charging Cables

This is one of those multiple-use items. In addition to my phone, it charges my Apple Airpods, my wireless keyboard and trackpad, and my Kindle. Plus, you’re a hit when you’re out and someone needs a charge and you’ve got the device (happens all the time)! A wall charger is also extremely useful if you’re in an area with a matching wall power outlet. This is 10,000mAh which is on the larger size.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad external battery

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel

You know that feeling you get just before the zip pops out? The skin feels a bit tough, a bit more sensitive. Put a dab of this one and the sucker NEVER EVER SEES THE LIGHTS OF DAY. I’m serious. How did I find this? No idea. But, it works like crazy.

Gift Bundle: Portable Office Space Setup

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad portable office space

You’ll need four things to make this happen:

This increases my efficiency at least 2x. I’m not sure why it hasn’t caught on. I even know one guy who lugs around a portable monitor. The Roost is most expensive, but it’s also the least bulky.

Mini Worldwide Travel Adapter

These are essential, but normally they are an awkward boxy shape. This one takes up less room in your luggage though it lacks a USB port. Note: if this one is unavailable, click here for the next best with included USB. It’s slightly smaller than the others with fast charge ability and without those unneeded levels on the sides.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad power adapter

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Concentrated Soap

This is a super-concentrated soap. Face, armpits, hair, body, you can even use it to wash your dishes, clean your clothes, your pets, etc. When the bottle goes down about 50%, I refill with water. My last bottle lasted me 14 months, no joke. My favorite scent is tea tree and I recommend the 4oz bottle which never gives me problems with airport security.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad dr bronner soap

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover

When you have seven shirts for the week, you can’t really afford to change for stains. When you eat/spill like I do, this becomes essential.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad stain remover

Portable, Lightweight, Adjustable, Outdoor Seat/Pillow/Back or Foot Rest

The idea hit me one day. Does something like this exist? I like parks. I like to sit on the lawn in parks. I also like beaches, but I’m definitely not bringing a beach towel with me. Yes, this is oddly shaped but so damn useful for any beach or park activity.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad portable seat

Foldable, Lightweight Backpack

This is another super-useful item I use almost every day. It serves as a backpack when needed or a daybag for hiking. The maximum capacity you need is 16L which is big enough to fit your laptop. At a minimum don’t go below a capacity of 10L. Of course, the larger you go, the more space it takes up.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad portable backpack

Thin Flip Flops

Every traveler outside of the North Pole needs sandals. While traveling between destinations, you wear shoes so you’ll have to pack these. The thinner the better. Most all sandals come thick to extra thick, but it’s totally unnecessary. Look for the thinnest sandals you can find and buy those.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad thin sandals



Neosporin Antibiotic Ointment

Shit happens. I once burned myself (and my partner) with what I thought was a sex candle. Turned out to be just a regular candle and I got a blister on my forearm. Luckily doctor dannybooboo was prepared. Now you can be, too!

Selfie Stick and Tripod with Wireless Remote

While traveling sometimes you need an extra pair of hands for an epic photo. Part of my business is a YouTube channel (I have a personal dannybooboo channel new in 2020, too!). This device brings some much-needed professionalism to my channel. It can also make you the life of the party.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad selfie stick tripod

Tommy John Underwear

To understand how great these underwears are for the lightweight traveler, you have to know one thing about me: I’ve worn the same type of underwear for an entire decade. That changed when my mom gave me underwear as a Christmas present two years ago. I just bought two more last week for myself. They’re comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

Kindle Voyage

For some reason, Amazon did away with this version so it’s a bit hard to find. However, the resolution and other settings are as good as even the newest Kindle with one big difference: the Kindle Voyage is STILL the thinnest and most lightweight.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad kindle voyage

For Travelers (and Digital Nomads) Not Tourists: A guide on how to connect with a destination for a more fulfilling travel experience

Find out where in the world is best for you, based on who you are and your values. Then figure out tips and tricks from a 4-year digital nomad on how best to explore, find the secrets, interact with locals, and more.

for travelers (and digital nomads) not tourists book

Leather, Slim Fanny Pack

Super useful, especially in hot weather when you don’t want to wear pants nor a backpack. Might as well add in some style with a black, leather fanny.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad leather fanny pack

Miniature, Cordless Trimmer (Wahl or Wahl Professional)

No cord = heaven. Note: cordless means a bit less powerful but unless you have a bush, you’ll be fine.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad cordless trimmer

Extra-small Bluetooth Speaker

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad small bluetooth speaker

Travel Slippers

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad slippers

I went to Asia and…surprise, surprise…I stopped wearing shoes inside. It really doesn’t make sense to use the same shoes to walk inside as you use to walk outside. How disgusting. Plus, isn’t is kind of luxurious to walk around in slippers? Unfortunately, you have to buy 10 if you want the convenience of buying online, but they’re super cheap. As always, get the thinnest, lightest weight travel slippers.

Apple AirPods

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad apple airpods

Yes, I prefer the older version. They’re smaller, cheaper, and stay in my ears better than the new version.

External Hard Drive

A backup of your….life…is absolutely essential. In fact, I bring one with me while traveling and I have another backup in my safe at home. If you’re buying for someone else just ensure whether they need a USB or USB-C (sometimes solely referred to as ‘type C’) connection.

HDMI to USB-C for Netflix

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad HDMI to USB-C for NetflixThis little device turns any dumbTV into a SmartTV. Just beware, this does burn out your computer screen faster than is normal. The Type-C connection is good for all the newer Apple laptops.

Floss Stick with Replacements

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Minimalist Digital Nomad floss stick

Ok, so you don’t floss everyday like the dentist instructs. It’s like I know you so well, stranger. We have a lot in common. But, when you do floss, why not make it count? The experience with the floss stick turns flossing from “terrible” to “much-less terrible”. I’d argue it’s even bearable. I floss every Monday night or whenever I binge eat chocolate and these 20 attachments have last me more than 12 months.

White Tank Top

No matter who you are, you have a white tank top in your wardrobe. My guess, it probably is 3 years too old and could use replacing.

Do you have a suggestion for me? Tell me in the comments.

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