Recommended Medellin Services

After living in Medellin for more than a decade, I’m sharing all of my recommended Medellin servieces providers because you cannot take a recommendation from a Colombian.

If you’re Colombian and reading this, well, you know it’s true. I figured this out years after living here. If you get a recommendation from most Paises (a Colomiban from Medellin), it will be because there is some kind of affiliate or bonus kickback in place. It has nothing to do wit the service quality.

Us gringos are unfamiliar with these types of recommendations. In the USA, if you were to recommend a service, most likely it’s because you or a friend had a good experience with the business.

There is also limited certifications to start working, and no review service like AngiesList or Thumbtack where you can check what others thought.

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Medellin Airbnb Direct Rentals

Inhouse Real Estate (+57.300.358.1202) – I’ve lived in more than 10 Medellin neighborhoods. I’ve rented hotels, from individuals, professionals and amateurs. I’ve stayed in private rooms, dorms, houses, and mansions. The best Airbnb operator in Medellin with the largest, most diverse, and highest-quality inventory is Inhouse.

If you’re still trying to decide which neighborhood is best for you, then please watch my detailed breakdown below. I get very specific. You will know exactly where and in which neighborhood to stay for your trip to Medellin.

Sports Massage

Nordic Massage & Wellness – I first saw Mikko when I had a grade 1 shoulder tear in 2022. I am working through this currently and will update soon. I’m adding his business here because of a strong recommendation I got when introduced to his business. He is not cheap, charging 190,000 COP ($95) for an hour of treatment.

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Professional Chef

Neomar Alfonso (+57.300.517.3882) – I hired Neomar for a December 31st dinner for me and a few friends. While I don’t know the going rate for this service, I don’t think he charged anything extra for coming on this date. The food was professionally presented and tasty.

Spanish Teacher

Yadi Casas (+ – I have used dozens of teachers across the globe and Yadi in one of three I would recommend. I like in-person classes and, unfortunately, she has moved with her husband and two young children to New Zealand. Given her quality, her prices are cheap at $15 per hour. Highly recommended if you want to learn Spanish. She speaks fluent English.

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Santiago of USA Store (+57.301.406.4494) – If you need something in Medellin, you can send it to Santiago in Florida and he’ll bring in to Medellin one week after it arrived to him in Florida. His timing is about 80% accurate, though, there have been times when the delivery is delayed, especially around December. I have been using him consistently for years, even ordering a new smartphone, and all has been delivered. He’ll even return an item for you. I’m not sure how he charges, but it’s not expensive.

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Dentist (English Fluent)

Medellin Dental Solutions – This guy is good! The doctor (sorry, forgetting his name, but see video below) is really, really good. I’ve had a cavity filled in the visible front teeth and the job he did was A+ 100% new. I’ve also had various cleanings (Brazil still wins for that). And I even had my teeth whitened there.

Dance Teacher (Salsa and Bachata)

Mauro Cadavid (+57.300.423.3616) – He is expensive, but I felt like he was a great teacher who had your long term interested in mind. He was also able to add a few moves into my existing dance routine. This is VERY hard for most dance teachers who want to add in very complex and unrealistic moves.

Dancefree – I would only go to their group classes. Buying private classes is like applying for a loan. Once they tried to charge me double the cost to renew my experied lessons, rather than offering me to save money and buy new ones. Luckily, I knew how much things cost here and the price was even higher than Mauro.

Next Blog: all of the paid services that I use and recommend.

Electric Scooter Rentals

Movilidad Jager – I have purchased three electric scooters from them and gotten them serviced over the years without hassle, even many times for free. I do recommend them, but there is a caveat. I think the owner stepped back, and my recent experience was not pleasant. My charger stopped working. I brought it in looking for an ew charger, but they wanted to look at the scooter too. Ok. Makes sense. I returned the next day, and it was not yet ready. However, the next day was Sunday (they are closed) and I was planning to use it. I asked them to just give me a new charger. They did, for 120,000 ($30) plus they charged me 40,000 ($10) to review the scooter. I felt that service was horrendous to take it in for potentially three days, when all it needed, most likely was a new charger. Even the charger they gave me, which has a warranty for three months only, is not functioning properly.

Massage (not sex)

Abybos Spa – Until I find a better one, I will list this. They were pretty good, fair priced, and didn’t need an appointment. For some reason, I don’t really like massages. Not like you like massages. For me, a good massage has 7 minutes of goodness, 35 minutes of neutral, and 18 minutes of boredom. The best massage I ever had in my entire life, by far was in Rio de Janeiro.

Noir Spa – This is the highest-rated spa in latin America, owned by a friend of mine, and conveniently in Medellin (obviously).

PRP Treatment

HERO Hair Institute – I have been here various times. PRP, supposedly, does work after a few treatments. Each treatment costs $125. Does it work? Who the hell knows? I do it because they seem professional. I can get my blood drawn in the same building. And it doesn’t hurt. When I got stem cells in my head in Bogota for $10,000, the PRP treatment hurt like a MOTHERFUKCING BITCH. I opted not to get my 2nd and 3rd included treatment.

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Mauricio Monsalve ([email protected]) – I purchased The Belmonte Penthouse in 2021 and had to find quality lawyers, accountants, and handymen (see below). Much harder than it might seem. I hired the best, most expensive lawyer I could find in Medellin who really screwed up a lot for me in terms of buying, registering money with the government, and the visa process. Mauricio speaks fluent English and is moderately priced. I’ve used him for some minor things so far and recommend his services. He has 20 years of experience in legal consulting and litigation in Labor and Commercial Law. Additionally, he has 15 years of experience in Real Estate and Business consulting.

Contractor / Handyman

Walter (+57.302.446.0224) – I have been through a mountain of contractors and handymen here in Medellin. And I mean that. I think twenty-nine. Walter, while not the cheapest, does a good job, on time, and pays attention to details. He can do more complex projects.

Jesus Ventura (+57.318.637.9255) – While I don’t have any experience with Jesus on my real estate, he did come as highly recommended and he has worked on a few Airbnbs that I’ve stayed in. From what I gather, he is going to be cheaper than Walter.

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