Danny Rusteen, or dannybooboo, is a location-independent digital nomad having lived in 150+ cities exclusively sleeping in Airbnbs (3,000+ nights) while remotely managing Airbnb properties across the globe and helping Airbnb hosts be successful. In his free time, he is an author, cook, bodybuilder, YouTuber, speed reader, and blogger about self-improvement, dating, Airbnb, travel, and productivity.

September 1987 - 8lbs 6oz (3.8kg)

Born youngest of 4 boys in California

  • Journaled since 11 years old, over 900 pages
  • Failed first driver's license test due to “running a red light”
  • To earn money in high school, bought/sold PDAs on eBay, and bought used CDs from garage sales to sell to music shops
  • Lost virginity on 19th birthday
June 2010 - 145lbs (65kg)

Graduated University of California, Santa Barbara
with bachelors degree in Business-Economics
with an Accounting emphasis and soon to be Certified Public Accountant

  • In high school and college, I earned money by playing online poker
  • In 2009, started investing in the stock market (now: options, shorts, cryptocurrency, credit loans, mutual funds)
  • Taught myself to type while in college
January 2012 - 155lbs (70kgs)

I (briefly) joined the military

  • Extremely ticklish including on left ridge of nose
  • Consistently (3+ days per week) went to gym since 15 years old
  • Don't enjoy massages (prefer back scratches)
  • Two pet peeves: NY Times font and windshield wipers too fast for the amount of rain
July 2015 - 175lbs (79kg)

Fired from Airbnb. My accounting career finally ended. Surprisingly, I was relieved.

  • Green thumb: For 8 years, had a rooftop garden in SF with everything from an apple tree to radishes to lettuce to blueberries
  • Love playing basketball (and I’m good!)
  • Favorite candy in the world is bordeaux from See's Candies
July 2016 - 205lbs (93kgs)

Launch my second career: entrepreneurship. With the “rat race” in my rear-view mirror, I had time to focus on the gym and my entrepreneurialism. I created two companies: Belo: Airbnb Property Management and OptimizeMyBnb.com

  • Shut the toilet seat before flushing
  • Never broken a bone
  • Very competitive, especially in athletics
July 2017 - 190lbs (86kgs)

Became location-independent digital nomad

  • Drank first cup of coffee in Casablanca. I was 30 years old.
  • Eat 2 meals per day as part of a 16/8 intermittent fasting diet
  • Favorite ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough
January 2018 - 185lbs (84kgs)

Published my first book. Since then I have published 2 more books and finally realized I am a writer.

  • Not religious, but believe in the energy and that you can attract positive or negative energy with your thoughts.
  • Tear up when I watch a sad movie (it's true..)
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