Florianopolis, Brazil (Campeche) “Isle of Magic”

(Mid-2024, 1 MONTH)

Air Quality: 82 (very good)

Tap Water: 70ppm (good)

Dew Point: 60F (comfortable; learn why dew point is a better measure than humidity)

Recommended Scooter Rental: +55.48.8402.8292 Her name is Monica, very nice, well-managed business. When my scooter was making a sound, she took it back and gave me a different one. She does require a physical, motorcycle-valid license.

My biggest gripe with Floripa is making the customer pay to park at a shopping center. I find this really annoying. Really, I came to your establishment to spend 300BRL ($60) and you want me to go out of my way and give another 8BRL ($1.55) for parking? Obviously, if that's my biggest gripe, I like Floripa a lot.

  • Carnaval stands for 'carne' (meat) and 'vale' (ball or feast)
  • Serious lack of ATMs, maybe because every place including farmer's markets takes credit card
  • No mosquitos in Campeche which is surprising and awesome
  • Compared to Rio, good amount of English
  • Safest city in Brazil
  • Itacorubi has a mangrove that is among the largest in the world and the second largest in Brazil.
  • On point with their organics, health foods, supplements, but cafe scene somewhat underwhelming, per usual in Brazil
  • Roughly 80 uncontacted tribes in Brazil's rainforest

These folks are in hurry! Single-lane roads going 60, 70, even 80mph with scooters zooming in between both ways. I've permanently got someone on my ass at 60mph. I even saw one car pass a Coke truck and a long flat-bed construction vehicle one after the other on a single-lane road with speed bumps. Lol. Safe drivers, yes, but room for error must be 5%.

Lagoa is the most popular. I stayed in Campeche with easier beach access. It's a bit laborious to move between neighborhoods. Jueree is nice, but separated. Barra de Lagoa is a potential hidden gem. When I went it must've been a holiday and was a ghost town.
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  • Airbnb Nightly Rate
  • Coworking Day Pass
  • 1-Hour Massage
  • 10min Taxi
  • 1-Month Gym
  • Beard Trim
  • 16.9oz Water
  • 2KG Wash+Fold
  • Expresso
  • Salmon
  • Chicken Breast
  • Almonds
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Red Wine
  • 652
  • 349
  • 40
  • 1.69
  • -/KG
  • 7
  • -/KG
  • 30/KG
  • -/KG
  • 10/KG
  • 9/KG
  • 11
  • 120
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 64
  • 7.37
  • 0.31
  • 0.00/LB
  • 1.29
  • 0/LB
  • 2.51/LB
  • 0.00/LB
  • 0.84/LB
  • 0.75/LB
  • 2.03
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