Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

(MID-2019, 1 MONTH)
  • You hail a cab as normal, but anyone can pull up to get you.
  • No ATM fees!
  • Grocery stores produce section are small with low-quality fruits and vegetables.
  • Cars not only stop for pedestrians, they’ll slam on the breaks to let pedestrians go first.
  • Huge cafe scene, sometimes three cafe’s next to each other.
  • Shisha seems like the national pastime. Everywhere sells shisha and you can (mostly) smoke it indoors. Smoking e-cigarettes seems to be legal indoors, too.
  • Smoking indoors was outlawed only recently. However, many places have smoking rooms and shisha or e-cigarettes are smoked indoors like regular.
  • Many walking streets, green spaces, parks, etc.
  • For a city of 1.5 million, it feels more like a small city vibe with minimal street or foot traffic.
  • They have a Navy even though they’re a landlocked country. Indeed, it was the even less intuitively named Coast Guard pre ~2006.
  • Some cars have steering wheels on the right side and others on the left.
Known For: Horse meat/Shuzhuk, fermented horse milk, dwild apple forests


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