Madrid, Spain (Puerto del Sol, Chuca)

(Mid-2022/2023, 5 WEEKS)

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Friendliness Score: 5 (barely beats Barcelona)

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Overall Impression: A dirtier, woke version of Moscow. Giant, international city. Super walkable, super sunny, super hot. Expensive, not ideal for digital nomads due to unfriendly cafe scene and expensive coworking. The women don't work out, they do smoke, they don't dress or act feminine (you'll moreso fine body positive, hairy armpits, shaved/short hair, gothic/black/baggy clothing)

Best Cafe: Tape Cafe Madrid (comfy seats, 500Mbps, no siesta, open early/late, allows laptops, not too many outlets)

  • Illegal to take off your shirt.
  • Best part of Spain are the Tapas, small appetizer things which you order many of at a meal
  • Night city. Things do not open until 9am earliest including the breakfast spot right outside my front door. Cafe's, too.
  • The Spanish accent, at least for women, sounds like a heavy smoker after a decade (this was before I realized that many of them probably actually have smoked for a decade).
  • Sunset at 10pm
  • Cannot work from many cafe's on the weekends of after 3pm on the weekdays.
  • Way hotter than I thought! It's getting up to 100+F (39C) and even stays up to 95F until 9pm. It's easy to understand why they do a siesta in the afternoon!
  • The oldest restaurant in the world, “Sobrino de Botín” - the fire when they first opened is still alight today (300 years old flame)
  • The sunniest city in Europe; haven't seen a cloud
  • Gym scene is poor. Some gyms don't allow you to join for only one month. Others only have dumbbells up to 70LB (32KG) or missing common equipment like seated calves or leg press. Some you have to pay for water. I ended up joining a gay gym and an older person gym, neither of which had a scale. Confirmed x4 women do not workout in this city, 80% male/female ratio.
  • Most complete metro system in Europe
  • The supermarkets are all so tiny (every shop seems to be tiny)
  • If you happen to be looking for supplements or vitamins here, search for 'herbalists'
  • Loads of candy shops and book stores

Spain's Spanish Language Unique Phrases and Keywords

Manzana - a city block (in Spanish it's 'cuadra')

Comida - lunch (in Spanish it's 'almuerzo')

Known For: Gazpacho, Cava (Spanish sparkling wine)
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  • Airbnb Nightly Rate
  • Electric Scooter
  • Coworking Day Pass
  • 1-Hour Massage
  • 1-Month Gym
  • Beard Trim
  • 16.9oz Water
  • 2KG Wash+Fold
  • Expresso
  • Salmon
  • Chicken Breast
  • Almonds
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Red Wine
  • 94
  • 1 (unblock) + 0.24/min
  • 30.25
  • 50
  • 56
  • 30
  • 0.22
  • 4/KG
  • 1.70
  • -/KG
  • 7.19/KG
  • 17.50/KG
  • 3.49/KG
  • 1.39/KG
  • 1.49
  • 100
  • 1.07 + 0.26/min
  • 32.23
  • 53
  • 60
  • 31.96
  • 0.23
  • 1.93/LB
  • 1.81
  • 0/LB
  • 3.47/LB
  • 8.47/LB
  • 1.69/LB
  • 0.67/LB
  • 1.59
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