Medellin, Colombia (Parque Llearas) “The City of Eternal Spring”

2013-4, 2018-9 (5 months)


  • Rappi (delivery service for anything) is huge. Use my code for $20: mkb1486699
  • Softly close your car door. A lot of the drivers get really upset if you close their car door even with medium-level power.
  • Upon checkout at grocery stores,  the clerk double knots your grocery bags which only serves the purpose of making them harder to carry lol
  • My Uber was stopped immediately at the airport by police, I was asked to step out of the vehicle so they could question me “for my security” which wasted 20 minutes. Then, I was forced to take a taxi for 20K more. A really terrible first hour to my arrival in Colombia. Luckily, Uber functions fine in the city.
  • The best looking women in the world live here and in high quantities. They want to look good whether it’s with the gym or the surgeon :D
  •  The best bodies in the world go to Colombian women. Again, the women take the gym seriously here. I rank it #1 as far as how serious women take their physical health. They don't go to the gym once every 2 weeks and call themselves gym go-ers, they go consistently and it shows.
  • It’s like you’re in a forrest just walking in the streets with so much greenery and tall trees (downside = needs a lot of rain)
  • Before arrival, my friend’s computer got stolen at a Starbuck’s. Upon arrival, my Spanish school had been robbed the week prior and one of the Spanish students were robbed in a separate incident.
  • Big on dentistry! Braces, teeth whitening, the perfect smile, etc. I’ve been given a dentist business card by my Uber driver and met many dentists while being here.
  • It’s illegal to sell alcohol from 6pm the day before an election until the day after the election. Talk about treating your people like babies!
  • Sign up for Catalyst Weekly emails for local activities and information. Also Medellin Living is a good website to bookmark.
Known For: Pablo Escobar, Arepas, aguadiente, Ajiaco, Flower Festival, Fernando Botero, Emerald exports (1 of every 2 emeralds are from Colombia), coffee (world’s third largest exporter)


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