Monteria, Colombia “Pearl of the Sinú”

(Late-2023, 1 WEEK)

Summary: A simple, affordable Colombian city with a small nightlife walk street area (Pasaje del Sol). The benefits of Monetería are the easy beach access (1 hour), friendly locals, and the "authentic Colombian city" vibes some travelers seek.

Best Restaurant: El Rinconcito (hidden gem, zero reviews on Google)

To rent a personal moto-taxi for the day for about $9, I recommend Alen: +57.300.817.0999

  • The heat/humidity is not unbearable like Cartagena, though, it is just teetering at that level. It's not as bad as I thought.
  • Three modern shopping malls, two Smartfits (the largest gym chain in Colombia), one BodyTech, zero Starbucks
  • There is no cafe scene; some open at 3pm. La Trinidad del Cafe, a chain, is nice but does not have wifi. Neither do the shopping malls. The best coffee shop is El Café de Rigo
  • The Caribbean coast is 1-2 hours away for some beach vibes. Arboletes or Monitos.
  • Absolutely zero foreigners
  • Pasaje del Sol is the nightlife walking street which is convenient with a selection of restaruants.
  • To cross the river, one way is by boat which uses the water's current as energy (no motor) - $0.25
El Recreo and La Castellana are the nicer neighborhoods. In addition to Pasaje del Sol, La Granja has vibrant nightlife. Ronda Parque del Sinu is very nice and the longest in Latin America.
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  • Salmon
  • Chicken Breast
  • Almonds
  • Avocado
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  • Red Wine
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