Moscow, Russia

June, 2019
  • The women are tall here! I am 180cm (5'11") and many women are my height or taller.
  • Tourism is extremely low. A barista told me I was the first tourism she’d seen in months.
  • Not cheap! Just below what a premium westernized city like San Francisco or Barcelona.
  • Lots of money here! And the rich like to flaunt it with nice clothes, fast motorcycles, fancy cars.
  • Everyone walks fast and with earbuds in, or they’re riding electric scooters.
  • Instagram celeb capital of the world — you’ll see guys and girls out taking Instagram worthy photos daily
  • Beautiful women here, but many are of a different “caste” and off-limits due to the extreme wealth in this city.
  • The cleanest city I've ever seen with sidewalk and street sweepers working daily.
Known For: Ballet, Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky


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