Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Leblon) “Cidade Maravilhosa”



  • To text hahaha/lol you can use kkkkkk, rs (risos means laughs), huahuahua
  • Virtually zero air pollution
  • Download MudeFit, a application with free fitness classes on the beach including Yoga
  • The cafe scene here is terrible. Not the coffee - I think all coffee tastes like  crap. Just the coffee shops are all crap.
  • I love these electric scooters and they are everywhere
  • One of the only large cities (5M+) with legitimate beaches immeditately next to the city
  • People love Açaí here! Like everyone.
  • An "Americano" is not a thing here
  • Best coworking space: Templo (It's listed on google as an event space and there's no signage. The other spaces I went to don't offer day passes)
  • Secret hike: Two Brother's Cliff just outside Leblon. This is not to be confused with Dois Irmaos. Both times I went here there was less than 5 people. It's a short 20 minute hike to the top with great views of Leblon/Ipanema and a lake.


  • Flamengo - laid back nightlife, good happy hour for people who work in the area
  • Lagoa - young professionals
  • Ipanema - Garcia D'Avila (expensive street), Farme de Amoedo (gay street)
  • Leblon - upscale
  • Botafogo -
  • Copacabana - famous beach
  • Santa Teresa - hipster
  • Lapa - main nightlife area



Known For: Copacabana beach, Samba, Carnaval, Ronaldinho, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Caipirinhas, Feijoada


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