Tallinn, Estonia

(Mid-2017, 2 MONTHS)


  • I am not sure whether unfriendly, unwelcoming, or very reserved is the right word to describe the people I encountered. I felt as if I was inconveniencing anyone I talked to. Zero smiles. Zero acknowledgement. Zero random conversation with strangers. Very short when you talk to anyone. Very to the point, no small talk. One day, I sat outside at a restaurant and the waiter came over and semi-scolded me and a friend for deciding to just sit down without checking. He seemed so upset by us doing so he had to change our table to the waitress.
  • Stays light in summer until midnight
  • Old Town is the definition of manufactured tourism, locals do not go there. It’s very fake.
  • Weird dynamic between Russians and Estonians. For the most part they do not get along, they live in separate areas. I felt speaking Estonian to a Russian was a bad move.
  • Prior to going, I was under the impression that Estonia is known for having the most beautiful women on Earth and many more woman than men. I even was told by an Estonian woman I met in the USA before leaving that it has the highest proportion of supermodels per capita. My experience does not confirm these notions.
  • Cheap, especially for European standards
  • For being such a “tech” forward city, there was one coworking place in the entire city center general area. I found that very odd. Also wi-fi seemed to be not functioning often in cafe's and restaurants.
  • Let me clarify E-Residency: I signed up for it and was not allowed to open a bank account. You wouldn’t normally setup an offshore company there due to the laws (it would make the admin very expensive). I have no use for my card.
  • Gyms don’t have water fountains
  • Cars go out of their way stop for you as a pedestrian 100% of the time
  • Super cheap data. I bought 20GB for 10 Euros.
  • Low end casinos everywhere

Useful Phrases (phonetically spelled)


Tanan-Thank you

Quidas lahab- How are you?


Known For: e-residency, old town, Skype, singing revolution


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