Tbilisi, Georgia

April, 2019


  • Can drive the water directly from the tap!
  • Droves of women! I think this is one of the few places where women clearly outnumber men.
  • There is a beach only about 20min away at Lasi Lake.
  • Clean air, clean streets, clean water (I have read articles about Tbilisi having some of the worst air pollution, but I don’t see it, nor can I find any hard data on this).
  • The people are so stylish, stylish clothes, stylish glasses, stylish shoes, perfumes everywhere
  • Chain smokers. I went out one night and chatted with a group of three girls, they smoked each about 3 cigrettes in less than an hour. Then I looked around and it seemed more than 50% were smoking.
  • Two Latin dance studios!
  • Apparently the homeless dogs are all clean. They have tags on their ears.
  • Taxi’s are not metered, but instead you pay about 1GEL per km. Also, a bunch of taxi’s in old mercedes.
Known For: Ease for foreigners to open a bank account



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